No Updates Since November?

Yes, this is no glitch. We’ve been absolutely consumed with new clients and projects for the past 5 months. But it’s all for the better, and we’ve rolled out many new features that you’ll be seeing on all our clients’ websites soon. Here’s a few items we’ve been working hard at.

1) I’ll take a MOW, please.

Once considered an unused niche in the market, searches done on mobile smart phones for local services now far surpass those done on regular computers. Mobile Optimized Websites, or MOW’s for short, are a way we take your normal website, and completely re-optimize it for the mobile experience. Users that find your website on their mobile phone will be greeted with a site that is much easier to navigate with the limited controls and screen viewing space, and as a result, will be exponentially more likely to contact YOU.

2) 100% Uptime, Guaranteed.Uptime for SmartBox Web Marketing: Last 30 days

Tired of trying to visit your site, but it’s SOOO slow to load, or even worse, it doesn’t load at all? Not at SmartBox. We’ve made some serious changes to our hosting equipment in the past years, because we’re serious about making sure YOUR website is readily available when YOUR patients try to find you. Not only have we invested tens of thousands of dollars in our equipment, we’ve also hired a 3rd party company to constantly monitor us and hold us accountable, to assure you of the highest possible service. No games, just results. Click here to view our server status page.

To those companies without guarantees, or those advertising “99% uptime,” caveat emptor. Do the math, run the numbers and you’ll find that even “99% uptime” means that your site will be down (unavailable) for over 87 HOURS Per Year! How many new patients would you lose if your site was dead for almost 4 days?

3) I need patient testimonials, STAT.

We hear this ALL the time. Every doctor needs them on their site, and they know it. The days of typing a paragraph and pasting someone’s picture next to it are long gone. No one really believes that anymore.

At SmartBox, we have the solutions. We have designed systems that will get you high-quality audio and video testimonials that you can use on your website, TV, radio and any other advertising you do. Let us show you how we can save you the hassle and time of learning this “the hard way.”

4) The Best SEO Available to Mankind.

Muhammad Ali once said “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” Well, we don’t like to brag. In fact, most of our clients would characterize us at very down to earth and humble… But the facts do speak for themselves. We are consistently rated the highest amongst other SEO and online marketers, and we are always posting new results to our Success Stories. If you’re looking to dominate your local online market and drive lots of new patients into your practice, give us a call.

Stay tuned for the next update, we’ll reveal more of what we’ve been up to.