Video Marketing for Dentists

The old saying that “seeing is believing” is true, as far as it goes. However, seeing and hearing provides the most compelling reasons to take action.

Dental video marketing is an essential part of every dentist’s marketing efforts these days. However, videos that aren’t done correctly can actually do more harm than good to your efforts to keep your chairs filled.

Not All Videos Are Created Equal

When it comes to marketing, the rule of thumb is to start with the end in mind. What action do you want your prospects to take after visiting your website, reading your blog, or viewing one of your videos?

Generally, that will be to contact your practice, either over the phone or via an inquiry from your website. Now, with that goal in mind, what qualities do your videos – doctor and testimonial – have to have and portray to viewers?

Dental prospects are looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their dental problems. There’s really no other reason for someone to visit your website or tune into your YouTube channel. It follows that your videos have to provide answers to those questions and solutions to those problems.

Way too many dental videos fail to accomplish any of those goals.

Consider This

The best dental marketing videos are those that answer specific questions, either overtly or in context.

Consider the value of a “Gee whiz, Dr. X is wonderful!” testimonial compared to a testimonial that essentially states, “Dr. X found an innovative solution for my complex dental problems and made it affordable for me.”

Consider the value of a “Hi, I’m Dr. X and here’s all my background and training” video compared to a “Hi, I’m Dr. X and here are the reasons why our patients never have to be afraid in our practice” video.

You might take a long look at your own videos and your patient video testimonials and ask yourself, “What prospect needs or concerns do these videos address? How are they influencing prospects to choose our practice?”

The Value Of Hiring The Experts

There’s something to be said for “hallway videos” shot on someone’s smartphone, and that something is they’re not the best way to go about video production.

There are so many factors that make hallway videos a bad idea:

  • The setting and the lighting may interfere with video quality.
  • The sound quality may not be adequate, and ambient sounds within the practice may distract viewers.
  • Patients may not have the opportunity to carefully consider what they want to say and how they’ll say it.
  • Credibility is crucial for videos’ positive impact, and nervousness detracts from credibility.
  • Too many hallway videos are of the “gee whiz” variety.
  • Editing is usually non-existent or poorly done.

By contrast, a professional video crew from SmartBox will:

  • Determine the ideal setting and arrange the lighting for the video shoot.
  • Ensure that legal releases are signed and complete, insulating you from any potential HIPAA concerns.
  • Use directional and/or lavalier (lapel) microphones for optimal sound quality.
  • Carefully guide you, your staff, and your patients to determine the broad outlines and specific points they want to discuss.
  • Provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere with plenty of reassurance that multiple takes are just fine.
  • Help to ensure that the videos will cover the questions, needs, and concerns of prospects.
  • Make sure the entire process proceeds smoothly and doesn’t interfere with the daily operations of your practice.
  • Provide professional editing that enhances, rather than detracts from, the finished videos.
  • Arrange to film doctors’ videos in the comfort and privacy of our professional studio.

Your public image is too important to leave to amateurs, even talented amateurs. There’s simply no substitute for the quality and effectiveness of professionally-produced videos for your website and YouTube channel.

Video Alone Is Not Enough

Quality doctor and patient videos are the minimum expected of dentists these days. However your entire marketing effort has to work with your videos to convey a consistent message that will influence prospects to choose you.

That’s why you should carefully select a full-service Practice Growth firm. And not only full-service, but one that provides integrated and strategic Practice Growth services.

Choose SmartBox

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