Video Green Screen Productions

Video Productions on the “Green Screen”

We’ve all seen green screens whether we know it or not. Many clips from movies are shot in front of them so that backgrounds can be superimposed without the actors and crews being on actual locations. Local TV stations use green screen technology for things like the weather reports and informational “community event” calendars that show up behind anchor personalities.

Large international and national companies are using green screens to record their actors for commercials and then changing the background scenes to make their advertising appear “local”, friendly and relevant to their audiences.

So imagine what you could do with video and our green screen:

  • Strengthen your message to potential patients with relevant information displayed behind you using the flexibility of our green screen video presentations.
  • Eliminate unflattering or distracting backgrounds and all of those “couch shots” which never look very professional.
  • Add bullet points to a technique you want to discuss.
  • Relay your expertise and professionalism, and give your audience the sense of trust they are looking for when searching for a dentist.
  • Give the Public What They are Hoping to See

  • A High End Production that Reinforces Their Decision to Call Your Office (The “Halo” Effect)
  • Your Expertise That Reassures Them!
  • Testimonials From Those They Trust Most – Other Community Members!
  • Superimposed Bullet Points to Reinforce Your Message!
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