Dr. Stuart Chang Dental Website Review

Hi Dr. Chang. Colin Receveur with SmartBox Web Marketing, bringing to you this Swift Kick dental website and all of your web marketing critique. I’m going to take a look through your online presence and give you a couple hints on where I think you can make improvements to find new patients, what I think you might have problems with that’s costing you some new patients.

I’m going to jump right in here and get started. The first thing I notice when I pull up the site here, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. You have a nice logo. You have a picture of your office. You have a welcome message. Your hours, phone number conveniently listed right here at the top. Very vital information. Definitely good to have right there at the top.

Moving down the page, I did try to click on some of these here. I think if it would be nice if these were links people could click on that go to specific pages inside your site. I noticed you had a photo tour here, but it might make it a little bit easier for patients to browse around.

And then over here on the right, I noticed you had a large Adobe Flash piece, which is the first bad thing I found on your site for a couple reasons. First, Google can’t read Flash. So when Google comes onto your site and tries to index it, tries to read your site so that it can display your website to people searching, this looks like a blank area.

Second is Apple and Macromedia, the company that produces Flash, Adobe, are not compatible with each other. So any iPod, iPhone, iPad that is looking at your website won’t be able to see this Flash stuff right here. So I would encourage you to get rid of it. There’s a number of alternatives out there, HTML 5, just a simple scrolling GIF that you can use to get through that.

Moving through here, I love your “Our Team” page. I would encourage you to put some more information about your team members and your staff on here. You’ve got pictures, which is warm and inviting, but talk about yourself. Who are you as a person? They know you are a dentist, but they are not going to choose you because you are dentist. They are going to choose you based on they like you, they think you are a skilled person, they think you are good at what you do, they like the value of the services you offer. So talk a little bit about what you do here and how you are different.

Looking here, you’ve got your location, phone number, a link here that goes to directions from Google. I would encourage you to actually link this not just to your address, but to your local Places page. I’m going to show you what I mean here by that.

Here is your Google Places page. What you can do is take this link right here and instead of linking to an arbitrary dot on the map, you can actually link to your places page where they can click here to get directions, and they can find out more about you. Maybe they will follow you on Google as well. But I would encourage you to link to a Places page or to your Google+ page as opposed to just an address. It gives more versatility.

When I got on here, I also noticed you had a bad review on here, which isn’t the end of the world. Everybody gets bad reviews. But this one said that one of your receptionists was curt, rude, and got mad and got on here and left a review.

So you’ve also got two good reviews on here. I would encourage you to keep building those. Keep promoting and encouraging your patients to leave you good reviews, because that’s going to look good for you in the long run. And, of course, when you get a bad review then it’s buried in the stack.

Moving along, let’s go back to your website. Looking at the appointments page. I like the appointments page here. You’ve got your office hours. It’s a very simple form. You’ve got the date that they can click on, preferred time, comments, send info. It’s very simple, very quick, very easy. I like everything about it.

Survey. Kind of ambiguous. What is a survey? I clicked on it and it took me here to see “What did you think about us?” I’m not sure the point or the use of this, but it’s interesting. You might be using this to drive patients there after an appointment to give their feedback.

Insurance of course a big deal these days. You’ve got all the insurance providers on here. I noticed you are linking to their sites as well, and you have put the code in that actually opens these up in a new tab, which is fantastic. So they’re not actually leaving your site, they’re just opening up a new window or a new tab for their site.

Moving into the contact page. You’ve got some good information on here, email and comments. I would possibly add a first name and a phone number field, or at least a first name so you can address somebody. It’s very short. I’m usually a fan of very short. That’s a little bit shorter than I would expect. If it’s working for you, I would keep it up.

Treatments. This is very similar to what I see a lot with the clinical video pages. Pro Sites is really big on this stuff. And there’s a couple guys out there that they want to tell you all about how these procedures work. They use these stock videos. Let’s watch a couple of these and see if maybe this is different than what I’m thinking of. No, this looks the same.

This clinical video stuff, dentists love. You are a dentist. You love what you do. That’s why you become a dentist. But patients do not care about the clinical stuff and how you prep for crowns and how you do the work you do, no more than you care about your mechanic, how he changes the head gasket on your car or the logistics of how a plumber snakes out a pipe.

I would encourage you to take this spot on your website and use video, or multimedia, or use content that engages your visitor in a way that doesn’t tell them how an inlay or how a filling works. Showing a patient how you prep a crown or how you prep for a filling does not help their buying decision.

Patients are going to buy based on three things: Will it hurt? How much does it cost? How long will it last? Showing a patient how a crown, or a filling, or any dental procedure clinically works doesn’t tell them you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t tell them you charge a fair price. And it doesn’t tell them that the work you do is going to last them for five, 10, 20 years, or the rest of their life.

If they are really concerned about how a procedure works, there is WebMD, there is Wikipedia; there are these titans of information out there on the internet that they can find that stuff out on.

I would use your website as a tool to make you the expert, the guy that can fix their problems. Same here for these implants. This illustration is kinda cool. See, if you get a fearful patient, they are going to think of drilling a drywall or a deck screw up into their jaw. That’s the wrong image to have in their head.

Looking at your smile gallery here, I love the face shots. So many dentists just put the teeth. But the face is what people connect with. They go, “That guy, he looks great now. Look at his teeth. Look at the before and after’s.” I would even encourage you to get before face shots and put it over here on the left. That’s fantastic. Grow this. Patients love to look at galleries when there are faces, not just teeth.

I also took some time to search around for you a little bit and see what I could find on you on Google. I did find there are a lot of reviews out there on you. It looks like you’ve been using Demand Force, which Demand Force used to be a few years ago. When Google dropped them, they really just don’t do a lot for me anymore. I don’t see a whole lot of point.

I do like kind of the exit interview concept. If you have a patient that is upset, you can give them that Demand Force review and that will act as a way to let them vent so they don’t do it somewhere else. I think it does have some purpose, but their offering was much stronger a few years ago when they had their deal with Google and they could syndicate reviews right inside Google.

I did several searches here for you and couldn’t really find you anywhere—local listings, paid listings, organic listings. I’m not really seeing you anywhere here. “Oceanside California implant dentistry”, “Oceanside California general dentistry”. No. How about just “dentist”. Nope.

OK. I would encourage you to get some presence on the search engines. Getting an organic ranking is a formula of producing content and building links. Getting your local listing up here doesn’t cost you a dime. You can go do it for free right now. Get it claimed, get it optimized, and get it up here. Google is going to start rotating and showing it.

Of course, the pay-per-click area, while it is an expense, what we find is about 50% of people are going to click on the organic side, the local side, 50% of your patients are going to click on the paid listings. Some dentists swear that they never click on the paid ads because they know somebody is paying for them. Other dentists say, “I only click on the paid ads because I know it’s somebody with money behind it.”

But the truth of the matter is it only really matters what your patients do. Patients, by and large, are right down the middle. So I would encourage you to get a presence out here.

I didn’t find you on any social media, so I would encourage you to at least get set up. You don’t have to go on Facebook all the time and be posting and updating. But at least get on there, get a Facebook page set up, get it linked from your website, put some little icons down here or up here where people can go and friend you and like you and at least connect with you, even if you are not updating it on a regular basis. You know, go out there for the major holidays and post a little update, or post a picture, or whatever you want do.

That really ties up this Swift Kick. I hope that some of this information I’ve given you is beneficial and can help you to attract more the types of patients that you want. There’s a lot of more advanced tactics. You’ve got a pretty simple website here right now. In fact, going out to Google and looking at your domain, you only have 27 pages on your entire website that are indexed with Google, which is really nothing.

Every website that we are building today we put 30-35 pages to start with, and we’re building out an additional 5-30 every month. That’s really the currency of Google to rank your site higher, to engage you visitors, additional content, building links, posting video, getting your videos optimized and right there on the first page of Google. All these things are going to get you more visibility. They’re going to get you more conversion of those clicks into phone calls, and ultimately more new patients in your practice.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance to you, feel free to reach out to me. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m going to post my contact information down below and hope you have a great weekend. Thanks Dr. Chang.