What’s the best way to promote your dental practice?

The short answer is: The way that gets you the patients YOU want.

Contrary to popular belief, dental patients aren’t created equal, at least in terms of their value to your practice. In any given market, at least 20 percent of dental prospects have the ability and willingness to pay more for the right dentist.

It’s surprising how many dentists don’t target that market segment. They keep on following the traditional “wisdom” about dental marketing: chasing patients by advertising low prices, discounts, and insurance. Those dentists get new patients – these days, it’s hard to avoid it – but the patients they get are price-shoppers, hagglers, insurance-driven patients, and one-and-dones with no loyalty to the practice.

Those dentists are practicing “treadmill dentistry,” working too hard for too long for too little. It’s too little because practically every dentist who does price-based marketing is automatically in a price war against their competitors. The downward pressure on fees shaves doctors’ margins to the bone. Those dentists have to see far too many people to make any real money.

There’s a much better answer to the question of how to promote a dental practice. Dentistry was never intended to be an endurance contest, and it doesn’t have to be.

Attract, Don’t Chase

The solution to treadmill dentistry is to get better dental patients.

That’s not to say that some patients are more deserving of care than others. It’s simply an acknowledgement that some patients have greater resources than others, resources they’re willing to use to pay out of pocket for the dentist they want.

Let’s be honest: Which patient has greater value to your practice? The drill-and-fill, or the implant patient? The answer is obvious; you’d have to do a dozen or even 20 drill-and-fills to equal the revenue from a single implant case.

Have you noticed that implant patients don’t rely much on dental insurance? And while price shoppers are common among implant patients, you’ve got a lot more margin in the big cases.

Traditional dental marketing doesn’t appeal to or motivate better dental patients. They’re looking for the right dentist for them, as they see it. That’s the dentist they regard as the trustworthy, relatable dental expert.

You can’t convey those qualities in a postcard or a 30-second TV spot. It takes an integrated, strategic marketing approach to position you as the dentist of choice for the better patients in your market.

That’s what SmartBox brings to the table with our industry-leading Patient Attraction System®

How It Works

SmartBox is a comprehensive, under-one-roof, Practice Growth firm. We use an integrated and systematic approach to increasing our doctors’ web presence, enhancing their name recognition, and conveying what makes them unique.

Our comprehensive services include:

The result of implementing our Patient Attraction System® is a steady stream of better dental patients, increasing our dentists’ bottom lines and offering the freedom to pursue more of the cases they love to do. Or to have time away from the practice. Or to just enjoy the huge increase in their bottom lines.

We’re Not For Everybody

Unlike quick-hit advertising, SmartBox delivers a steady stream of better patients over time. We’ve encountered any number of dentists who simply couldn’t make the mental transition from the traditional dental marketing approach. They were basically hooked on micromanaging those monthly clicks, hits, and impression numbers.

Dentists who insist on being hands-on with their marketing may also not be a good fit. SmartBox knows that dentists who handle their own marketing don’t directly make a single dollar from their efforts. Dentists make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems, not by managing paid media buys. We’re happy to have doctors involved in their marketing to whatever extent they like … but our experience shows that you will have great success when we and you do what we each do best.

There’s only one way to know whether we’re a good fit for your practice, and vice versa. Schedule a Roadmap call by clicking here. The call takes about as long as you need to place a single dental crown or an implant, and the value you get in return is immense.

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