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When I was looking to do website marketing, it was something that I was a little nervous about doing because I had done it in the past with a couple of the big dental website guys and gotten nothing out of it. Traditionally I’ve gotten a lot out of print. I’ve tried everything else in marketing other than print with not much success. I tried radio, I tried television and I’ve tried web.

The one thing that I got out of most of the internet guys is they were all very similar, it was all very generic, kind of the same exact thing.

I could go to one website and it would look the same as the other website which looked as same as the other one. They would all promise the same things; we’ll get you on the front page of Google, we’ll do this. Most of them haven’t come through on any of their promises.

The one thing I like about Colin is he comes through with the stuff that he says; he’s ready to back it up. He’s going to work for you, get you the results that you need, he’s going to talk to you and explain everything that’s going on and he’s going to help you with the different parts of internet marketing to really make your website work.

If you’re looking to do something with the internet I highly recommend you do it with Colin, because right now in the business there’s nobody better.

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