SmartBox Success

Display & Celebrate Your Achievements!

When your dental practice achieves serious bragging rights, why not display them proudly? We’ll make that happen!

The “Non-Contest” Contest?

Every month, we’ll measure your practice’s Success Rate by your Call Answer Rate and Scheduling Conversion Rate. This is all about putting more new patients in your chairs.

The three practices for each Client Success Manager that show the greatest improvement each month will be the “winners,” and they’ll receive fun and eye-catching plaques and other items for display. Your CSM will touch base to let you know whether your practice is a winner. If it is, we’ll ship your “prizes” promptly so you can display them.

This is a year-long contest, so your practice has multiple opportunities to achieve and have those achievements recognized.

The value of the “prizes” is nominal (i.e., not much), but the recognition and reinforcement they’ll provide to your staff are huge!


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How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!
– Maya Angelou

Let’s face it: the efforts of your front office are the lifeblood of your practice. They persuade the reluctant, comfort the troubled, and keep your chairs filled.

Those heroic efforts are well worth celebrating!

It’s good to give someone an “atta girl,” “atta boy,” or “good job.” It’s much better to display your pride in your staff and sing their praises where everybody in the practice can see it!

Your practice is already enrolled in SmartBox Success. Good fortune to all as your front office strives for greatness in 2019!


Ask your CSM about SmartBox Success!