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Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox, is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and patient attraction expert. SmartBox has helped more than 4,400 dentists around the world achieve the growth results they want.

SmartBox takes a holistic approach to patient attraction by handling everything under one roof. We’re focused on delivering the results – and the growth – that each dentist wants.

SmartBox has a solution for every struggling private-practice dentist as well as dentists ready to take their practice to the next level. SmartBox dentists are enjoying more profits, attracting big-case dentistry, expanding their practice services, working fewer hours, and even retiring early.

Nationally recognized speaker, author, and patient attraction expert.

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A young entrepreneur.

Colin’s path into patient attraction was inspired by his parents. His father is a successful dentist and great marketer, while his mother serves as an elite sales consultant at a Fortune 100 company. Colin began designing websites and dabbling in affiliate marketing at a young age, and he launched SmartBox while he was still in high school.

Author & Podcaster

Colin is a prolific podcaster – the Patient Attraction Podcast™ has more than 1,200 episodes – and the author of many dentistry-related articles that have appeared across the spectrum of dental trade magazines. He has also written seven books specifically designed to help dentists succeed on their own terms.

  • The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing
  • How to Stay in Front of Your Patients Until They Are Ready to Buy
  • Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know to Thrive in the New Economy
  • Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months than in the Past 6 Years
  • The Four Horsemen of Dentistry: Survival Strategies for the Private Dental Practice Under Siege
  • Rise UP!: The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success
  • Dammit, Colin, I’m a Dentist, Not a Marketer!

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What the experts are saying…

I can say with all confidence that Colin Receveur knows what he’s doing to leverage the internet to help dentists attract more and better patients.
– Dr. Michael Abernathy
Founder, Summit Practice Solutions

Within four months we went from being nonexistent on Google to being on the first page.
– Max Gotcher
CEO & Co-Founder, Summit Practice Solutions

Colin Receveur and SmartBox are rewriting the way new patient marketing needs to be done!
– Dr. David Moffet
The Ultimate Dental Patient Experience

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