Getting Social Is Good Business For Dentists

Dental marketing firms have been buzzing loudly for years about social media and blogs and how they can help you capture, inform, and preserve your dental prospects until they become appointed patients.

If you are the one tweeting, posting, and monitoring the various social media sites, and then posting blogs as well, there are undoubtedly times when you wonder if the buzz is worth the effort.

Rest assured – it is. Dental social media marketing can work to both keep your followers informed and help you build an “iron cage” around your current dental patients.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook®, and LinkedIn aren’t just for teenagers. Research into the demographics of social media users show that things have changed. What was once a way for college and high school kids to keep in touch with their friends is now the fastest-growing and most-used connecting point for just about everyone. And that includes the prospects you want to attract.

  • twittyTwitter: While not the biggest social media site, demographically, most Twitter users are over 40, make higher incomes, and have more disposable income than users of any other social site on the web.
  • f-iconFacebook®: Facebook is by far the largest social site in the world with two billion active users. Almost everyone you want to attract has a Facebook page, even your affluent and older patients. Women 45-64 years old are the fastest-growing segment on Facebook. In many households, those women are the decision makers when it comes to choosing a dentist.
  • inLinkedIn: Known as the “professional’s site,” LinkedIn isn’t the biggest social media site, but it’s become the one that reaches more professionals. Those high earners use this site to keep in contact with other professionals, get questions answered quickly, and find information without a lot of hype.

There are many other social media sites – Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, to name just a few. Which of those platforms you choose for your dental social media marketing efforts should be determined by the demographics of your particular market.

The Fourth Element

No, this isn’t another Bruce Willis movie … but there is one more element that all your various social media sites should point to, and that is your blog. Your blog is “the world of dentistry according to you.” It fills your followers in on any news, any technical advances, or advanced clinical training you have. It’s been proven that dentists who post blogs on a regular basis are the ones who attract and retain new qualified patients the quickest.

With the billions of people using social media, many are bound to be searching for a topic you have expertise in. This realization could not be more timely or true than it is right now – Google is focusing all its organic search results on local businesses. For example, if Google knows a searcher is in Indianapolis, it will display “dentists Indianapolis” with more priority than ever before. Those prospects in your own local area will now be more likely to run across your blog posts, videos, articles, and other related information. That’s why your blog is an essential component of your dental marketing system.

Your Dental Prospects Are Searching For Solutions

The dentist regarded as the expert, who answers prospects’ questions in a way they can understand, is the one who will be remembered. No, those prospects may not call today, but when the need arises they will remember you. Social media is an excellent medium to set yourself up as the “go-to” dentist. Down the road, when someone needs dental services, they’ll remember you.

If they see you on Twitter, Facebook®, and LinkedIn, and if they can then read more on your blog, watch your videos, and download your free report, you are setting up a marketing “iron cage” around that prospect. Once you have captured their contact information, they become a valuable asset to your dental practice.


But Do You Have The Time For Dental Social Media Marketing?

Done correctly, social media requires a strong and constant presence. You can’t just post something once or twice a month and expect to achieve the status of expert, or to garner name recognition. Staying active on social media, and producing a steady stream of expert, helpful content, is beyond the capabilities of most busy dentists.

SmartBox’s expert team of content writers produces fresh and unique content for our dentists every month as part of our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™. That frees SmartBox doctors to focus on doing what makes them money – seeing patients and solving their dental problems – while SmartBox helps them get better patients.

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