Social Media Marketing For Dentists

Discover The Power Of Online Engagement

The aspect of online marketing that many dentists miss is social media. Dental social media marketing enhances your other marketing efforts (SEO, website traffic) and offers you the opportunity to engage your prospects in a way that other forms of marketing simply don’t allow.

There’s A Reason It’s Called “Social” Media

Social media adds an interactive element to your marketing efforts. The rule of thumb for social media is engagement – offering interesting and useful posts followed by conversation about those posts.

Social media is likely the only chance your prospects will have to interact with you and/or your practice without booking an appointment. You can use that interaction to reinforce your brand, answer questions, pose questions, post polls for your followers to respond to, and above all portray yourself as the​​ dentist to solve your prospects’ dental problems.

Not all social media platforms are worth your time and energy, though. Let’s look at the three best social media venues for dental practices.

The Big 3 For Dentists: Facebook, Google+, Twitter Facebook

With over 1.3 billion users, Facebook is the king of social media. The odds are good that a plurality if not an outright majority of your prospects are on Facebook.


Facebook is a very flexible medium in that you can post text, photos, videos, GIFs, quizzes, polls, and more. However, the organic reach of Facebook is around 3% or less, by all reports, which is relatively poor. Boost your reach through targeted PPC ads or by using Facebook’s “Promoted Post” feature.

Try to build the number of followers by posting 1-2 times per day if possible. Make your posts follow the 80/20 rule: 80% should be social content. Use the other 20% for informational dental topics.

Also, be sparing in your calls to action, i.e., “Make an appointment now!” Social media is about engagement. Succeed in that, and appointments will follow. You can use Facebook very effectively to drive traffic to your website.


Before you say, “What?”, you should know that if you’ve enabled Google My Business (and you should), your Google+ page is a build-out of your Google My Business. When searchers see your listing, they’ll also see a sidebar with information about your practice.

Clicking on that sidebar will take them to your Google+ page, and they don’t have to be active users to see it. That gives you the opportunity to provide more information, engaging videos, and much more.

Google+ is an excellent and very low-cost way to inform and engage prospects, often before they ever visit your website. To keep the engagement level high, be sure to post frequently, including promoting positive reviews of your practice, and to respond to comments and questions as soon as possible.

Google+ is the appropriate platform to include calls to action. The people who will find you are those who are looking for a dentist.


In the last 18 months, Twitter has become a household name. Selected tweets make the national news on nearly a daily basis. Your best use of Twitter is to build brand awareness and loyalty.

As of this writing, Twitter is experimenting with an expanded, 280-character limit on tweets. That gives a little more room to craft messages that inform, intrigue, and motivate. You can also attach photos and videos to your tweets.

Effective tweets take some thought – you’re competing with some very witty people with a knack for turning a phrase. Twitter lends itself to high levels of engagement, which will require you to post frequently, generally 1-5 times a day.

You’ll also need to respond to comments and questions in near-real time for maximum effectiveness, at least during business hours. Provide a mix of personal, social tweets with timely and even slightly controversial topics.

Dental Social Media Marketing Is Time-Intensive

If your practice is using Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to engage followers and prospects, you’ll have your hands full.

Some dental practices actually hire a social media manager. If you can find the right person, that can be a great solution. You definitely don’t want the wrong person interacting with your prospects.

Otherwise, you’ll need to delegate a member of your staff to manage your social media.

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