There’s Never Been A Better Time To Generate BUZZ For Your Practice

It’s a social media-driven world these days, and social media marketing is a vital aspect of attracting new dental patients to your practice. Unfortunately, all too many busy dental offices don’t have the time or the bandwidth to maintain a robust social media presence that engages and informs prospects.

It’s not question of “if” you want to do social media marketing. It’s as important to your success as your practice website.

Dr. Jon Hastings of Boise, Idaho agrees. He said, “I think that in the day and age that we’re in, with computers and the internet, social media, I think the more proactive you can be with marketing, getting your name out there, the more beneficial to your business.”

When there are a waiting room filled with patients waiting to be seen, social media marketing is pretty much an afterthought. That’s not good.

But you know what? Your practice doesn’t have to do the social media “heavy lifting!” There’s an easy way to have your patients do that!

BUZZ powered by My Social Practice turns your waiting room and hallways into a social media marketing machine. That’s not an exaggeration – the fun and engaging materials, combined with easy photo ops, put your patients in charge without violating HIPAA guidelines.

Here’s how it works. BUZZ has three components:

  • iPad Photo Studio allows patients to take pictures of themselves and your staff while they’re in your practice. The photos are forwarded to the patients for posting on social media, which avoids any HIPAA issues and also increases your visibility!
  • Campaign Materials are sent to your practice every other month. These professionally created materials will have your practice feeling the BUZZ! Patients love them, and they’re great for inclusion in the photos!
  • Social Media Publisher puts a huge library of professionally created posts at your fingertips. Easily brand the posts with your practice and schedule for publication! With new content every week, you’ll never run out of effective, eye-catching posts.

Well, There’s Your Solution

Let’s face it – you don’t make money by managing your social media. Marketing is designed to get you more patients whose dental problems you can solve… which is what actually makes you successful.

With BUZZ, you and your staff can focus on actually doing the dentistry, handling insurance claims, and the hundred-and-one other things it takes for dentists to succeed.

It Costs Nothing To Check It Out

BUZZ is amazingly affordable. It’s yours for a monthly investment that’s far less than the average case value of a single new patient. And since BUZZ is available on a “cancel-any-time” basis, your potential downside is minimal.

But the upside can be huge, and it can be yours.

Want more information about BUZZ? You’ll find it here.

Don’t let social media marketing continue to be an afterthought. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, you need to use every tool at your disposal to remain competitive. Using those tools with a minimal investment of time and money gives you an edge over the competition.