Facebook For Your Dental Practice 101

We all know the power of social media

We see it every day at work, at home or when we go shopping. Every restaurant has a Facebook account; you can “Like” every article you read online. Don’t mind the games or the online applications; the whole package is sometimes too time-consuming. Today I’ll try to make a short analysis regarding some of your options on Facebook.

On Facebook you can find more than 500 million users. The company states that 50% of the active users log in daily and have an average of 130 friends. Users spend more than 700 billion minute every month on Facebook.

Be sincere

You know your schedule and you know if you can rely on your employees for updates. If you are reluctant because of time issues you should hire someone to do it for you. Discuss your budget and share your objectives. An agency can also help you personalize your account, create an application for your needs, and help you find your customers on Facebook.

Don’t mix your personal profile with it. Draw a firm line between your personal friends and your clients. I am sure that you interact socially with many clients but remember the difference between social and professional.

Think about your future content

Before your start your page you should think very thoroughly about your future content.
For example: Should you encourage people to share their medical problems on your wall? Remember that every post will be available to hundreds or thousands of people and it should be flawless. By the way – don’t forget spell check! As weird as it may sound – or not – grammar and spelling say a lot about you.

Don’t make appointments on Facebook. Even if you have a person that checks out Facebook every day, it is better to keep the social section well – just social.

Adapt your online style to your style

Think about your clients, their preferences. Think about your waiting room. What kind of magazines can your clients find there? Your Facebook page should offer the same feeling.
Let your clients know if the schedule is changing, wish them happy holidays. Send your patients birthday and anniversary wishes on their significant dates, it will build your trust and keep your name on their mind.

Link your website to your facebook

You should start by linking your website to your Facebook page. Include this link in your videos and in your contact details.

Offline promotion for an online tool is common. Inform your clients that you have a Facebook page and that they contact you there also. Let them know that you won’t make appointments on Facebook, but it is a good way to stay in touch with your schedule and your special offers.

Remember – it’s not about the number of people that “Like” your page. Of course it is better to have 1,000 fans rather than 100, but just like in your practice: quality should surpass quantity. You should design your Facebook page to be useful to your clients and future clients.

So, Like & share!