Our Paid Social Media Marketing Lets You Do What You Are Trained For


  • Social marketing helps you stay in front of your potential patients.
  • Adding social marketing to your marketing mix puts more patients in your chairs.
  • Our targeting captures the audience who needs and wants your care.
  • Once we define your goals, we do the research, create the ads and constantly optimize for maximum performance.

It’s a Combination of Goals and Targeting

The primary consideration for dentists before embarking on a paid social campaign is to define priorities. Basically, what do you want to get out of your campaign? Awareness, engagement, conversions, qualified leads, new patients in your chairs? All of those are valid goals for different practices with different needs, but trying to accomplish all (or even many) of those goals at the same time will take enormous financial resources.

It’s also important to remember that the end goal of all your marketing should be new patients in your chairs. It’s the only way to get sufficient return on your investment and everything you do should ultimately aid in achieving that goal.

Get Specific With Your Social Marketing

Once you’ve defined your paid social goals, you’ll need to define your audience and segment that audience. Segmentation is what allows you to target specific groups. Depending on the particular social media platform, you can specify variables such as interests, occupation, age, gender, demonstrated interest in dental services, hobbies and pastimes, and many more.

You can’t effectively use the same ads on different social media platforms for different audience segments. You’ll need to design ads that work for each segment – that either “blend with the trend” for ads on a platform, or stand in marked contrast – and that appeal to the segment you’re targeting.

Or, You Could Just Practice Dentistry

SmartBox creates and manages paid social media advertising campaigns for dental practices. We help dentists define their goals, do the research into audience demographics for the campaign(s), and create the ads.

Contact SmartBox to discover how our surprisingly affordable paid social services free you up to do what you trained for and love to do. And with our 98% client satisfaction rate, you can comfortably focus on doing the dentistry while we focus your paid social campaigns on getting more new patients in your chairs.