SmartBox May 2011 Webinar – Using Live Chat to Convert Clicks into New Patients

How Do Profitable Dentists Continue to Find New Patients Online?

Note: This webinar is completed and can be viewed in the Webinar Archives.


So you’ve got a great website with all kinds of “advertising lure” like free reports, auto-responders, contact us forms.. but are you still missing some new patients?

I’ll be interviewing Joel Davis from Ngage, and finding out how he uses Live Chat on his websites to find new patients that would otherwise be lost in cyberspace.

Live chat is a way to actively engage your prospects, rather than passively waiting for them to opt-in, contact you, or (hopefully) remember your phone number when they need a dentist.

We’re going to be showing you how you can get “live chat” setup on your website and run it on auto-pilot.

On this free webinar, we’ll reveal how active one dentist that Joel works with got 16 new patients leads in 17 days exclusively through Live Chat.

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We invite you to join us Wednesday, May 25th at 12pm EDT when dental web marketing guru Colin Receveur explains exactly why and how Live Chat is finding tons of new patients for really smart dentists and how YOU can take advantage of it.

Also for everyone who attends the webinar, as a thank you I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest book, Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know to Thrive in The New Economy. I’ve been working on this book since my birthday last August and it’s finally ready to release. I’ll even mail you a printed hard copy, my gift to you.

Between this webinar and my book, you will be armed with all the tools you need to dominate the internet in your local area and find those new patients you’ve been looking for. Our space is limited, so head on over to to get registered now!

Note: This webinar is completed and can be viewed in the Webinar Archives.