Do You Want Impressions & Clicks or Dollars In Your Pocket?

Some dental marketing firms will tell you about “exposure” and “branding.” Others will talk about “hits” and “clicks.” Still some might even show you “impression” charts and complicated measurements of readership.

Are you marketing for “branding, impressions and exposure,” or are you marketing to bring in the new patients with money to spend?

The downside to all of these is neither tells you EXACTLY how many dollars came back into your pocket.

Last Friday I had several monthly strategy calls with our dentist clients. We embrace phone call tracking with every piece of marketing we do, so naturally they are a hot topic for conversation during these monthly calls.

Here are the results from two practices we’ve been working with for about 4 months. Think about it.. …

Practice 1 – July 1-Sept 31, 2011
189 Phone Calls from Website Only
143 Calls from Newspaper Print Ads
Practice 2 – July 22-Sept 31, 2011
140 Phone Calls from Website Only
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