Is Your Website Compelling or Boring? Part 3 of 3

The 5 Secrets to Crafting “Killer” Content

There’s no denying it; without high quality content those potential patients that have found your dental website won’t be staying for long! Have you ever visited a website looking for some important information, only to find that what you need to know simply isn’t there? It’s frustrating!

Or maybe the information is actually there, but it’s just written in such a way as to actually put you off reading it. I’m talking about enormous blocks of text that are difficult to read on a computer screen, or maybe content that’s just riddled with spelling mistakes. How about content that’s dry and uninteresting to read?

The content on your dental website can work in your favor to generate new phone calls to your dental practice. But bad content can have the opposite effect, putting off your new patients and sending them straight to the websites of your rivals. By obeying these five compelling content principles you can avoid falling into that trap.

1. Be Honest!
There is no point writing about dental services that you don’t offer, or offering prices that aren’t a true representation of what you will actually charge a new patient. By being completely honest, you will create a sense of authenticity with your visitors. These people will be willing to spend a significant amount of money with you only if you establish some credibility an trust at the outset, so make sure what you are saying rings true.

2. Offer Something of Value
Why should a patient visit your dental practice instead of another doctor’s? What can you offer that is of value to your prospective patients? It could be a service that you offer that is unique, or that is simply better than the service offered elsewhere. Start to focus on what is unique to your practice and place a greater emphasis on it. To be successful, you must set yourself apart with your message.

3. Show off Your Expertise
How many years have you trained to be where you are today? New patients will be more likely to walk through your door if they can trust that you are completely qualified to take care of their teeth. Offer information through videos about the services and procedures that you can offer and don’t be afraid to shout about training that is relevant to them. Testimonials from existing patients can also help to establish your authority as an expert in the field. Videos are a killer place medium to use to give away both information and show off your past patients.

4. Make Things Urgent
The content on your website will be successful at generating new phone calls if it can create a sense of urgency in your readers. Your desire is that a visitor picks up the phone or sends off an email to your office the second they finish reading. Include a call to action within your content; give a patient a reason to contact you straight away.

5. Hire an Expert
It’s easy to put information down on paper, but making that same information come alive to your patients due to its compelling nature is something quite difficult. If you really want to see your content converting the visitors on your website into new patients then your best strategy is to hire a professional to write for you as well as use lots of video in your marketing.

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