How many C's does your website generate?

Successful dental web marketing isn’t a fluke. It’s the result of meticulous planning and a sound marketing strategy.

There are four hurdles you must jump through to get new patients:

1. You must be seen by the right patients (visibility)
2. You must give them the information they seek (pre-qualification)
3. You must follow-up with them until they are ready to buy (automatically)
4. You must track everything so you know what works and what’s wasting your money (phone tracking)

When your web marketing strategy does this, you will get rewarded with the Four C’s:

1. Calls to your front desk
2. Consults scheduled
3. Cases accepted
4. Cash back in your pocket

We develop online strategies that attract the types of patients YOU want.

Most marketing firms can not give you an exact ROI for your advertising campaigns. With our proprietary Zetetics™ Phone Tracking technology, we can tell you EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work, tracking your results down to the penny.

And with our Zetetics™ Automation you can keep in touch with your patients by email, txt, and postcards for 2 years after they visit your website, call your office, or come in for a consult.

So, when they decide to buy you are at the “Top of Their Mind”… the first person they think of.