Build Traffic in a Natural Looking Way

You probably are at least briefly aware on the importance of building links to your dental practice’s website using articles and blogs. Google likes it when you have a high number of links from other websites, including the so-called Web 2.0 sites used for article submission. If the content from various websites is related, such as with a particular dental procedure, Google and other search engines will view your website as having serious enough content for its viewers. Remember that the search engines job when someone looks for you is to provide strong, relevant content that will satisfy the user. If your website has keyword laden content and strong links it will be moved up in the rankings.

There have been abuses of this system, however. “Link farms” or services that “buy” links, look suspicious. If the trail of links looks artificial and has no relative use other than for the links themselves, Google will take a dim view of the offending website.

Articles and blogs are still a great way to increase the ranking of your website but you need to know how to do it well. So instead of using blog posts, article submissions and press releases with a single direct link between all of them and your website build a link wheel with a single gap in the train. The gap or break within the wheel reduces the artificial look of incoming links to your site.

To search engines it will look very natural and your website will look more relevant, i.e. more important, and they will love you for it. So will you when your website keeps showing up at the top of the rankings!