3 Numbers That Will Lead to More and Better Patients

I recently saw three numbers related to sales, and it was very clear to me that they have implications for dentists as well, especially for complex and implant dentistry. They are:

● 70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before a potential customer is ready to engage with a salesperson.

So in the case of dentistry, a potential client is 70 percent sure whether he or she is going to see a dentist about his or her problem, whether that is missing teeth, trouble chewing, denture problems or whatever. It’s not just about whether that patient is going to see YOU, but rather whether they are going to see ANYONE.

That’s why you must dominate Google and have a great website that includes video. You want potential patients to believe that you are the expert in the field and the right choice to solve their problems.

If you can provide the patient with information that helps them identify solutions to whatever is bothering them, then they are more likely to choose you to provide the solution.

● The average sales cycle has increased 22% in the past five years due to the number of decision-makers involved in the process.

Implant and complicated dentistry isn’t cheap and it is often a family decision. But what is a person’s happiness and self-confidence worth?

That is what you are really providing. Permanent teeth replacement, full mouth reconstructions, crowns, veneers, all of those are tools for delivering what person really wants. Your business is not providing implants or cosmetic improvements. No, your business is providing people smiles by WHATEVER means that they can be proud of.

You are selling the smile, not the means.

● 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales due to lack of lead nurturing.

But that number goes way down when you capture contact information with free reports and books, and follow-up emails. That’s because you can then drip market a continual stream of communication to turn potential patients into those who pay, stay and refer.

Getting complex, lucrative dental cases doesn’t happen by accident. But stick with us and we’ll help you reach your professional and financial goals.

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On another note…
I hope your team won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I did a podcast yesterday about what championship basketball teams and good marketing plans have in common. Check it out and leave a comment about whether I was right or not.

Until next time, keep moving forward.