The Patient Attraction Newsletter™ (Monthly)

Our website provides a lot of good information about how we attract the patients YOU want. Our patient attraction system is what makes us the leading dental-marketing firm in the country.

Our website is a great place to explain our services like website design, video production, search engine optimization and Zetetics® phone tracking. Still, it’s far from our only means of informing our clients and potential clients.

I’m really proud of our monthly newsletter, called The Patient Attraction Newsletter™. We recently revamped it to include in-depth and timely articles about the latest trends and techniques in dental marketing.

At SmartBox, we pride ourselves on seeing the next big thing BEFORE it becomes the next big thing. We scour the Internet for the latest research, blogs and articles on web and content marketing. We attend numerous webinars and conferences to learn the most successful techniques from leading experts.

Then we translate those techniques to dentistry.

What You Get in The Patient Attraction Newsletter™

For $97 $37 per month, you will get 8 pages of the latest dental marketing information. Some of it is information we glean from our top clients and pass on to those who want to get to the top. Other information comes from our constant research and analysis of information. Every article is designed to help you attract the patients YOU want.

We keep our eyes on the future of marketing so that you can keep your eyes on the future of your practice.

Now, you may ask yourself why we provide all of this information for only $97 $49 per month? Because not every dentist is ready to be our client.

Some docs need to learn more about how web marketing works before they understand its power. Others already have all the patients they want (lucky them!). Some don’t realize that they are working too hard, spending too much and getting too little in return.

Just as we help dentists reach their goals by providing potential patients with a wealth of information before they ever set an appointment, we want to help educate our potential clients so they see the value in what we offer.

There is no contract required for The Patient Attraction Newsletter™ and you can cancel at any time.

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