The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing

How Really Smart Dentists Are Leveraging YouTube
To Explode Their Profits and Dominate The Web

Videos are Always in the Top Spots, and the reason is simple: People Want Video.

They rely on it for product and service information, they count on it to display testimonials & reviews, and studies show video can drastically influence a person’s decision as to whether or not to call your office. In other words videos convert clicks into phone calls.

Even a search for many dental related terms return videos to the #1 spot.

Search Engines Give People What They Want

This immediately means three things for your dental practice and getting more patients:

  • If you are not using high quality video, such as on a green screen, you should be. People want to see you before they call your office.
  • If you are not using video to display your expertise or enchant the next patient, your static website rankings will get pushed down in the search results and superseded by a competitor who uses video.
  • The search engines “blended” algorithms that look at not only web pages and content but VIDEO as a way to rank your website, and will hurt your rankings when your video content is not optimized.

The Business You’ll Lose

Videos now go hand in hand with good search engine optimization practices. Not only do they provide the informative content people want to see “live,” but they can also be used to help your website rank higher in the search results, thereby getting you more patients. The research group Forrester found that videos were 53 times (5300%) more likely to receive first page organic rankings than were traditional static text-only web pages.

The fast-movers and early adopters (as they prove time and time again online) will take the Lion’s Share of
the new patients, while the rest watch the “video train” rush by, wondering when their turn is.

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