Fast Thoughts on Dental Marketing DVD Series

Have you looked in the mirror lately and not been happy?

You can change that starting today.

This 16 DVD/CD series will give you the latest in advanced web marketing that you can implement today to start attracting the patients YOU want.

Marketing wasn’t taught at dental school, but we can show you how to make it easy.

This DVD/CD series will show you:

  1. How to structure your offers to compel
  2. The WRONG kind of video to use on your dental website
  3. Touching those prospects that raise their hands
  4. How NOT to be that 19 year old dude
  5. Moving prospects through your sales funnel to close more patients
  6. Do your patients sort their email with the delete button?
  7. The difference between procedural and educational videos
  8. The tools you can use TODAY to automate your dental marketing
  9. How your patients self-diagnose their mouths
  10. How to leverage video to improve case acceptance
  11. Does Social Media work for Dentists?
  12. Should you spend all your marketing money in one place?
  13. What’s the truth about template dental websites?
  14. Can you use boilerplate content on your dental website?
  15. Can you do SEO & PPC on an older dental website?
  16. Is it worth the money to automate my dental marketing?
  17. How can I track my ROI exactly down to the penny?
  18. What your website is REALLY saying to your prospects and patients
  19. How to enter the conversation your patients are having about you right now
  20. Colin makes a BIG personal announcement
  21. Why patients refer you and how to build an automated referral system
  22. What does Google Penguin update (a.k.a Over-Optimization Penalty) mean to dentists?
  23. Why Facebook and Social Media will NEVER generate you new cases and patients
  24. Colin gets on his soapbox about Facebook PPC advertising and mobile websites
  25. Is Colin actually recording these while driving?
  26. Find out about our Patient Attractors video training series due out this Summer
  27. The final stake in the Coffin – See why SoLoMo will drive the YP completely extinct in 18 months.
  28. The evolution of “Hyperlocal” Into “SoLoMo” and the big changes taking place that you need to know.
  29. How SoLoMo is going to change all the rules for dental marketing – And what you need to know.
  30. How to pre-qualify all your patients and eliminate the “tirekickers” and deadends that don’t accept treatment
  31. How to create your marketing to be the expert in your niche – and attain SuperHero status.
  32. 7 ways you MUST be marketing your practice to survive 2012.
  33. Why your patients aren’t saying “YES” to your services
  34. How to overcome ALL their objections, and why it’s Critical to overcome their objections before they even object!
  35. See how powerful patient testimonials can do your heavy lifting
  36. Learn the secrets (and the super-human power) of the Reverse Testimonial
  37. We never intended to work with dentists. Get a quick glimpse of our origins and see why we work exclusively with dentists now.
  38. We’ll show you how the successful “One Percenter Dentists” are marketing their practice super-successfully on the web right now.
  39. How do I get new patients from my web marketing: We’re going to completely debunk the BIGGEST Myth in Dental Marketing.
  40. How to keep your name in front of your prospective patients for 2 years – Automatically.
  41. How to pre-qualify your prospects and never waste your time again on a dead-end case presentation.
  42. Why 99% of “marketing gurus” only use 1 of the 4 critical aspects of successful web marketing.
  43. How successful dentists are leveraging video in their web marketing to dominate the web.
  44. How your videos make your website 53x more likely to be seen on Google’s page 1.
  45. 4 pitfalls that will render your videos worthless (and no one watching them).

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