Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months Than in the Past 6 Years

Inside this book is the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about getting to your goals and living the lifestyle you deserve.

Whether you’re just opening your doors or you’re already doing seven figures, you’re going to be well-prepared to make more profitable decisions about how you attract patients online.

Better than that, your new understanding will help you steer clear of all of the overhyped, overblown promises from all of the folks selling Internet tools.

The information contained in the book “Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months Than in the Past 6 Years could transform the future of your practice.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Why you’re absolutely, positively wasting your time with Facebook® … if you’re using it like everyone else. You’ll get the straight scoop on how to make social media pay.
  • Why trying to attract patients like a “teenage boy in love” is going to completely torpedo your chances for big cases and premium fees.
  • How to resist the siren call of what I call the “hits, clicks and eyeballs brigade.” While focusing on hits, clicks, eyeballs and phone calls might be a way to sound impressive, the only thing that matters is MONEY IN and MONEY OUT. How much money are you feeding into your patient attraction system and how much is it spitting out?
  • How to create your attraction system so that YOU are the only obvious choice for your prospects. There’s one item you need to do this. This trumps specialized training… this trumps location… this trumps your competitor’s low fees. This trumps everything and will have the patients coming to you!
  • How you can build a patient attraction system that works—and make sure the other dentists in your area never get access to use it against you!
  • The three must have parts to your patient attraction system. If you’re missing any one of these, you are toast (sorry).
  • The #1 reason so many dental practices fail with their online patient attraction. Not 1 in 1,000 know this.
  • Most dentists are losing out on 50% of their case acceptance simply because they’re not doing __________________. Read that carefully again. If you don’t want to drop 50% of the revenue that could have should have been yours, then you won’t want to make this mistake.
  • 37+ questions you should ask anyone before you ever consider letting them work on your online patient attraction system. Do you really want to put what could be a 6X revenue increase at risk by not asking these questions?
  • The little known place that 80% of your future sales are hiding. Unfortunately, most dentists have no idea this is how things work. And because of that, they fall prey to the “quick fix” internet sales people who are long on promises but a bit short on results. Do you know if you’re missing out on 80% of patients that should be yours?
  • What your patients are really buying when they come into your practice. Most dentists think they’re buying something to do with teeth! Once you know what they’re really buying, you can reverse engineer your patient attraction system to give them exactly that.

There’s a ton of valuable stuff in the book. Like I said, this is a short list.

And once you discover the information inside its pages, you will be able to count yourself among a very select group of dentists who “get” the art of online patient attraction.



The Information In This Book
Could Add $100,000.00 to Your Practice


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