Dental Marketing Expert Featured on Dental Trade Magazine’s Podcast

LAS VEGAS, NEV. – Colin Receveur, who offers industry-leading marketing for dentists, will be featured in an hour-long podcast with Dr. Howard Farran, Dentaltown CEO and founder.

Receveur sat down with Dr. Farran on Friday morning at the annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel. In addition to exhibiting his dental marketing firm SmartBox Web Marketing, Receveur was one of the presenters at the annual dental conference.

“The Townie Meeting gives us an opportunity to meet with some of the brightest clinicians working in dentistry,” Receveur said. “Dr. Farran has a unique perspective because he has had tremendous success as both a dentist and creating a prestigious dental community through the print and online media.”

Dr. Farran is a Phoenix dentist and the founder and publisher of Dentaltown Magazine, the number one trade magazine for dentists. SmartBox Web Marketing was the corporate profile in Dentaltown Magazine‘s April edition.

Dr. Farran produces and releases three podcasts ( each week, focusing on new developments in dentistry, continuing education and holding interviews with experts in the dental field. Dr. Farran holds a dental degree from the University of Missouri School of Dentistry in Kansas City and his MBA from Arizona State University. He also regularly lectures across the country about best dental practices.

Receveur held a special session with Dr. Farran to discuss changes in dentistry and ways dentists can use marketing to grow and thrive in the digital era.

“Dr. Farran is extremely knowledgeable and energetic, and he’s eager to share his knowledge and experiences with fellow dentists and dental professionals,” Receveur said. “In the podcast, we pinpoint ways dentists can increase their collections and grow their practice.”

SmartBox Web Marketing, offers an industry-leading dental web marketing system that includes web design, content management, video and multimedia productions, phone call tracking, customer-relations management, search engine optimization, blogging, social networking, mobile marketing and reputation enhancement. Using SmartBox Web Marketing’s approach, some dentists have more than quadrupled their overall collections.

SmartBox Web Marketing works with more than 450 clients on three continents. Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author and Internet marketing expert. He has been featured in numerous dental publications, including Dental Economics magazine’s Dentistry IQ Video series and on the cover of The Profitable Dentist.

He also is the author of four best-selling books: The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing, How to Stay In Front of Your Patients Until They Are Ready to Buy, Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know to Thrive in the New Economy and Attract More Patients in the Next 6 Months Than in the Past 6 Years, which is available at