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PracticeHQ delivers your marketing data at a glance.

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PracticeHQ is your all-inclusive, easy-to-use marketing monitor.

Knowledge is power,​ as they say, and dentists need all the near-real time information
they can get about their dental marketing performance. What’s working, and how well? What’s ​wasting ​marketing dollars or flat not delivering enough new patient opportunities (NPOs)? How should you reallocate your investments?

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  • NPO 3-Month Trends

    NPO 3-Month Trends

    Get a better understanding of how and when new patients are rolling in.

  • Campaign & Social Media

    Campaign & Social Media

    Break down all of your marketing spend and maximize ROI.

  • New Site Visitors

    New Site Visitors

    A seamless experience is just one way to generate more and better patients.

PracticeHQ is the single-source interface that puts you in control of your dental marketing.

At a glance​, you can see:

  • PO 3-month trends (or customize your own date range):
    • NPO calls by day/time
    • Answered call rate
    • Missed calls
    • New patients scheduled/not scheduled
    • NPO conversion rate
    • Call recordings/analysis
    • NPO form submissions
  • Paid media campaign performance
  • New website visitors
  • Social media performance

…and much more

Take control of your marketing spend.

No dental practice can afford to waste hard-earned marketing dollars. With PracticeHQ​, you can easily determine which channels are generating the most NPOs.​ ​Reallocate your marketing investments for ​maximum​ return.

You’ll also know the ​reason​ why new patient callers who could have been appointed, weren’t. Address and correct problem areas in your front office’s phone technique and appoint many ​more​ new patients.

This is simply the best investment you can make for your dental practice.

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Better patients, less hassle and more life.

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