You’re On The Brink Of A Quantum Leap In Your Practice Growth

If you suspect that you’re not achieving all the success you could be, you’re probably right. Dental marketing is only part of the growth equation:

  • Your marketing must attract the patients you want.
  • Your front office needs to convert callers into appointed patients.
  • Those new patients must attend their appointments.
  • You need those patients to accept your case solutions.
  • Your practice needs to boost your average case value.

SmartBox specializes in turning dental practices into thriving businesses through our proven Practice Growth System.

Practice Growth Call Guidelines

#1 - Calls are for owners, doctors or decision makers only.

#2 - SUBJECT: Be VERY specific on what we will discuss (e.g. Higher New Patient Value, Get More New Patients, More AO4/Full Arch Cases, Better Tracking & Analytics, Improve Scheduling and Appointing, Increase Case Acceptance, Grow Average Case Value).

#3 - Your practice(s) are located in the United States or Canada only and are producing at least $1M annually or on a clear path to get there.

#4 - Return your Practice Analysis ahead of your call, otherwise we will open your time slot to another doctor (We’ll send you this after booking).

  • $3.14B


    in new patient
    revenue potential
    since 2009

  • 44%


    achieved 200%+
    of their new
    patient goals

  • 52%


    increase in average
    patient value after
    24 months

More than 4,400 dentists, specialists and practice owners trust SmartBox to help them achieve growth and success.

Since we’ve been working with SmartBox, we actually have had a 30 percent or higher growth each year. Which is pretty incredible, so we’re thrilled about that. My goal is to double our practice size in the next two years, and I really feel confident that with our help through SmartBox we can accomplish that.”

– Dr. Michelle Haynes, Highlands Ranch, Colorado