Your Dental Practice Needs To Occupy The High Ground

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Patient Attraction Episode 1254

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– The longest contractual relationship that most dentists will ever have is a home mortgage.

– That’s generally a very tolerable relationship because you know that with every payment, you’re getting a greater and greater ownership stake.

– And paying off that mortgage is a very freeing experience.

– A long-term contract with a dental marketing firm that doesn’t deliver results is not a tolerable relationship.

– Not delivering isn’t the same as not getting hits, clicks, likes, and follows.

– Any minimally competent marketing company can get you those.

– But the only metric that matters is new patient butts in your chairs.

– New patients pay the bills and add to your retirement savings, not all that other stuff.

– Don’t get me wrong – hits and clicks are good and necessary, but they’re not enough.

– If you’re not getting enough actual return on your investment, you feel like you’re throwing away your hard-earned marketing dollars.

– Even worse, you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your practice.

– Some dentists will bite the bullet and pay the outrageous cancellation fee to end the contract.

– Others suffer in comparative silence, waiting for the contract to expire.

– I think that dentists don’t have to suffer from bad marketing or  lock-in contracts.

– That’s why SmartBox has introduced 6-, 12-, and 18-month marketing contracts for our dentists.

– We understand that every dentist’s situation is different and that 1 contract length isn’t right for everyone.

– But what is right for every dentist who wants to earn more, work less, and enjoy life again is getting more patients who represent higher value to the practice.

– That’s what SmartBox delivers for hundreds of dentists on 3 continents – a steady stream of better dental patients.

– Better patients are usually fee-for-service patients who don’t much care about price or insurance acceptance.

– They care about finding a trustworthy, relatable dental expert to solve their problems, and they’ll pay what it takes.

– When your new patient stream includes a lot of better patients, you don’t have to work so hard or so long.

– In fact, you can even have the time and energy to enjoy life again.

– After all, what are you really working for – to exhaust yourself making money, or to have the time and money to enjoy life away from the practice?

– If it’s to enjoy yourself, then you’ll need to work less and earn more.

– Better dental patients will allow you to do both.

– Dr. Jeffrey Tocci of Wellesley, Massachusetts, has this to say about his relationship with SmartBox. 

– “I’m in a comfortable place with a very good, comfortable company helping us achieve those goals.

– “It’s been great. So excited, I just happened to call up my team and upgraded our services to the next level. 

– “That’s how impressed I’ve been.” 

– What SmartBox is doing for Dr. Tocci, we can do for your dental practice.

Get started by visiting and reserving your no-cost, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™.

– After the session, you’ll receive your free Patient Attraction Roadmap™ as well. 

– It’s yours to use however you wish – there’s no obligation.

– And along those no-obligation lines, you can choose the contract length that fits your needs.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.