You Need A Dental “GPS” To Reach Your Goals

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 16

– Why does a practice want to grow? Why do they think they need to grow?

– I think the answer comes down to how they define success.

– Practices want to achieve a certain level, whether that level is growing to a million, a million and a half, two and a half, five, 10 million, have one successful practice, five successful practices, 50 successful practices.

– I think growth, achieving growth comes down to achieving their version of success.

– Some dentists are happy at $1 million, playing golf three days a week. That’s awesome. – Some dentists want to build a DSO with 50 practices underneath them, and that’s what they’re looking at as success and, of course, everywhere in between.

– Growth is just a component of success.

– What is truly successful in your eyes may not be what is successful for another dentist, which means the plan to become successful is different for you.

– The GPS, if you will, if I’m in New York, my GPS to get to Miami is a lot different than if I’m starting in Kansas.

– Everybody has, they need a GPS of how to be successful. Ultimately, that plan is going to dictate how to get to where you want to go.