Will Your Back Survive Dentistry?

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Will Your Back Survive Dentistry?

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Patient Attraction Episode 1067

It’s something that dentists don’t talk about much with non-dentists. Dentistry isn’t good for dentists’ backs or necks. If you do a search for “dentists back pain,” you’ll see listing after listing about how to minimize pain and damage – not about how to avoid it completely. Those injuries are a limiting factor for many dentists, leading them to reduce their hours or even to sell their practices before they’re ready. After the break, I’ll tell you the best way to safeguard against the economic effects of back and neck injuries. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– I know thousands of dentists, and my dad’s a very successful dentist in the greater Louisville, Kentucky, area.

– I also know that regardless of where they practice or what their specialty is, those dentists have a couple of things in common:

– Sore backs and sore necks.

– Some of them have debilitating pain from hunching over patients’ mouths day in and day out.

– If you’re just starting out in dentistry, this probably isn’t on your radar yet.

– But if history is any guide, it will be sooner or later.

– If you’ve ever had any kind of back injury, even a pulled muscle, imagine living and working with that pain day after day.

– Or living with even more pain as time goes on.

– I’m not bringing up this topic to scare anyone.

– It’s just a reality that dentists live with but that way too few actually plan for.

– That’s particularly true for dentists who do a lot of low-value cases, hour after hour after hour.

– I’d certainly urge you to take advantage of any technological advances that can reduce the likelihood of injury.

– But “reduce” isn’t the same as “eliminate.”

– The time to prepare for the possibility of having to reduce your income or sell your practice is now.

– And the best way to do that is to increase the average case value of the patients you treat.

– There are a number of advantages to seeing high-value cases.

– One is that you don’t have to be booked hour after hour.

– You can give your back and neck some down time.

– Second, you increase your revenue, making your practice more lucrative now and when you have to sell it.

– And third, you’ll have more fun.

– I know from listening to dentists that an unending string of drill-and-fills, routine exams, and crown replacements is demoralizing.

– There are any number of so-called big-case marketing firms out there.

– But they share a common flaw – they don’t know how to appeal to dental prospects.

– They routinely include language in your marketing that flies over the heads of the people you want to attract.

– Big-case marketing firms position you to impress other dentists.

– But your prospects don’t care about technical terms, the details of your advanced technology, or the postgraduate training you completed.

– They care about whether you’re going to be able to solve their problems.

– They care about whether you’re going to take care of them while they’re with you.

– They care about whether their lives are going to improve thanks to your efforts.

– If your marketing goes on and on about what great hands you have, or the advanced tech you employ, your prospects will tune out in a heartbeat.

– To get new patients with the ability and willingness to pay more for a dentist they like, trust, and relate to, you can’t talk down to them.

– Your marketing has to address their fears and concerns, and answer their questions, in a way they can understand.

– Your prospects have to be able to relate to you and know that they can trust you.

– They have to come to view you as the best and only logical choice to solve their dental problems.

– That’s the opposite of the approach that so-called big-case marketing firms take.

– So you’ll need a different approach to attract patients who will make it easier on your back and safeguard your financial future.

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– You can get more and better patients.

– Your back, your neck, and your financial future will thank you.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.