Why Dentistry Has Become A High-Pressure Job

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Patient Attraction Episode 1186

The Golden Age of Dentistry sounds like a myth to most practicing dentists. The idea that they could have a fairly leisurely schedule while still having time away from the practice and a terrific income is completely foreign to them. It’s true that things have changed tremendously in dentistry compared to 50 years ago. But it’s also true that dentists today can enjoy the same kind of relaxed and fulfilling professional and personal lives that dentists did half a century ago. I’ll be right back to tell you how to turn myth into reality. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– I talk with dentists nearly every day, and I consistently hear the same thing from them.

– Their practices have become pressure cookers.

– Those dentists are sprinting between operatories because their schedules are slammed.

– They’re working more hours and even staying open more days in some cases trying to keep up.

– And yet, they’re not really making all that much money in exchange for countless hours spent hunched over the chair.

– There are several factors driving dentistry’s high-pressure environment, and they’re all related.

– The first is the rise of corporate dentistry.

– The chain practices and large dental groups have efficiencies of scale that very few dentists can hope to match.

– Their overheads are far lower than yours, so they can afford to be the low-price leaders in your market.

– The second factor is the move by dental insurance companies to shift costs to patients.

– Wages haven’t come close to keeping pace with the increased cost of providing dental care.

– Patients without much discretionary income but with dental insurance are looking for the lowest price.

– That’s exactly why corporate dentistry is siphoning off new patients.

– The third factor is record numbers of new dental school graduates who owe an average of $260 thousand in student loans.

– Those cash-strapped dentists are fuel for the corporate machine, which is offering huge sign-on bonuses and tuition repayment programs.

– But some new dentists are able to obtain venture capital to start up their own practices, increasing competition even further.

– And like other dentists in your market, they offer low prices, specials, discounts, and insurance acceptance.

– So, to sum up – there are a lot more people looking for dental care, but only at the lowest price and with insurance acceptance.

– And you run, and run, and run during your workdays while you make not enough money on each patient.

– If this sounds like a self-defeating trap, that’s because it is.

– But there is a way out, and Dr. Raleigh Pioch of Salem, Oregon, found it.

– He said, “I thank my lucky stars I discovered the way to break free.

– “For me, my practice is the path to true freedom.

– “I want to be free to live a full life and have the money to do it!

– “And it’s hard to be ‘free’ if you’re stuck behind a chair 24/7.”

– Dr. Pioch became a SmartBox dentist and escaped the self-defeating trap.

– In fact, he increased his collections from $800 thousand to $3.2 million in just 6 years.

– SmartBox works with hundreds of dentists on 3 continents to help them escape the dental pressure cooker.

– We provide a steady stream of better patients so our doctors can focus on doing less dentistry for more money.

– SmartBox dentists work less, earn more, and enjoy life again.

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– Dentistry doesn’t have to be a high-pressure job, but until and unless you market for the patients you want, it will be.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.