The Old Dental Specialist Paradigm No Longer Works

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 5

Labeling yourself as a dentist with a specialty practice isn’t going to make the cash register ring. Make the patient the hero in everything you do, and you’ll thrive.

– As a specialist you’ve got to understand and you have to change the paradigm of which you’re thinking.

– If you think and you want the referral network paradigm to continue and you’re happy with that arrangement and you’re getting the results you want, then don’t change it and continue doing what you’re doing.

– How do you grow your practice as a specialist?

– Well, the first thing you have to either choose to do or if you choose not to do anything you are making a choice.

-It’s do I want to continue this referral buddy system network thing here or do I want to go direct to market and attract patients to my practice and go around the referral.

– If you’re a specialist that is a choice you have to make and when you make that choice, if you go direct to market, you have to lead off with how your different in the market, how you’re going to take better care of patients.

– And what I see a lot of specialists advertise with, and it’s why that a lot of the general practice dentists that I work with are more successful than specialists, is because they’re better at marketing and positioning.

– Most specialists I talked to that are running a specialty practice think that by way of just being a specialist, they will attract patients and that patients appreciate the specialty and that they understand how they’re better or how they’re different or simply explaining how their better and different will lead patients to choose them.

– And all of those statements I just made there are false.

– Patients are going to choose who is best for them, who’s going to take care of their needs.

– “Now, how is you being a specialist going to help me more?”

– This is a very selfish proposition. This is not about the doctor at all. It’s all about the patients and you’ve got to make the patient the hero in your story.

– And if you’re a specialist and you go direct to market and you make the patient the hero in everything you’re doing, you’ll be successful at it.

– And you’ll attract patients directly to your practice. You’ll get rid of the referral network, your dependence upon that, and you’ll grow your base of thriving patients that know you and are coming to you directly.

– But ultimately, the first decision you’ve got to make is, me, I talk to so many specialists day in and day out, and I say, “What percentage of your patients are coming to you by referral?”

– “Well, a 100% or 80%.”

– “Okay, great. What are you wanting to do with that? Do you want to keep doing that?”

– “Well, yeah, of course.”

– I said, “Well, do you want to go direct to market?”

– They go, “Yeah, I do, but I think it’s going to make my referring source mad. The referring dentists don’t want me to go direct to market.”

– “Well, of course they don’t. But how else are you going to grow?”