The New Rules For Successful Dental Blogging

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Patient Attraction Episode 1209

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox.

– At SmartBox, we’re firm believers in the power of dental practice blogs.

– But only in the context of an integrated dental marketing system.

– Our team of expert writers provides content for most of our dentists’ blogs.

– So we have to stay abreast of the latest findings in what makes business blogs work – and what is basically the kiss of death.

– An article that appeared in late 2017 gathered feedback from over 1,000 bloggers.

– Not all of what they found applies to dentists’ blogs.

– You’re not writing an entertainment blog, after all.

– But there are some things that should serve as food for thought.

– First, around two-thirds of bloggers said that posting daily, or even multiple times a day, was very effective.

– That sounds great until you realize that the average blog length is now over 1,100 words.

– Try sitting down and writing a 1,000-word article, and see how long it takes you.

– The vast majority of dentists would struggle writing one article a week, much less one a day.

– In fact, the bloggers who report the most success say they spend around 6 hours for each post.

– And the average amount of time for regular bloggers to write a post is over 3 hours.

– Devoting that much time is something dentists simply can’t afford.

– After all, you make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems.

– But dental blogs don’t need daily postings – once or twice a week is generally fine.

– So it makes sense to outsource your blog writing to a professional who “gets” dentistry and dental patients.

– Here are some tips that your blog writer needs to be aware of.

– Bloggers report that posts with more than one image attract more readers.

– Given the length of posts these days, that just makes sense.

– When it comes to online reading, keeping readers’ attention is crucial.

– Graphics and photos break up the “wall of text” and help hold attention.

– There’s considerable evidence to suggest that stock photos are generally less effective than real photos.

– However, SmartBox’s experience is that well-chosen stock photos are very acceptable on dental blogs.

– Your writer should have access to a good stock photo library.

– And be sure that his or her rate per post includes the images because stock photo costs can add up quickly.

– Once your blog has a good number of posts, consider having your writer update selected posts periodically.

– Updated posts are treated as new content by Google, which can help your search engine results page ranking.

– Now, I mentioned earlier that dental blogs are effective only when they’re part of an integrated marketing system.

– So paying someone just to write blog posts is probably a waste of your money.

– If you’re looking for maximum return on investment in the form of more and better patients, choose SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System™.

– Dr. Michael Abernathy, the founder of Summit Practice Solutions, is a fan.

– He said, “I can say with all confidence that Colin Receveur knows what he’s doing to leverage the internet to help dentists attract more and better patients.

– “We use him, and probably the greatest endorsement I can give is that we encourage our clients to work with Colin.

– “We want them to be successful.

– “His systems guide you on how to attract potential patients to your website, what kinds of blogs, videos, content and pictures to put on your website …

– “and how to keep your name in front of potential patients and turn them into paying patients.”

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