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Patient Attraction Episode 1046

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– You’re watching episode number 1046.

– That boggles my mind – I’ve recorded over 1000 of these informational podcasts.

– I want to thank you for watching and supporting these podcasts.

– In the last few years, we’ve made some changes to how we present these episodes.

– It’s that time again.

– We’ve decided to move from presenting podcasts every day to a twice-weekly format.

– At the same time, we’re making each episode a bit longer – another minute or two.

– That will allow me to take a deeper look at the issues dentists face today.

– And to provide you with more information on how to deal with them.

– There’s no pleasing everyone, but I hope that you’ll enjoy these somewhat longer episodes.

– Oh, and we’ll have a new look, too and some additional features that I think you’ll enjoy.

– Times change, industries change, and we’re changing to keep SmartBox Web Marketing the premier provider of dental patient attraction services.

– I hope you’ll join me for our next, new, more informative, and more even useful podcast on Tuesday, May 9.

– Until then, as always, keep moving forward.