Stop The Dental Treadmill Madness

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Patient Attraction Episode 1257

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– It’s my firm opinion that dentistry was never intended to be a high-volume business.

– Back in the day, before dental insurance, it wasn’t like this.

– People paid cash or worked out payment terms for the services they received.

– Generally, the successful dental practices attracted people with discretionary income.

– That all changed once dental insurance was established as an optional employee benefit.

– True, dentists probably got more cleanings, routine exams, extractions, and drill-and-fills than before.

– But those are low-value procedures, and you have to do a lot of them to make any real money.

– The problem got even worse once the growth in wages started lagging behind the cost of dental care.

– It became common for people to rely on insurance to pay for even routine treatment.

– Today, you’re probably getting phone call after phone call where the first question is, “Do you take my insurance?”

– And the second question is, “How much of the cost will my insurance cover?”

– In the last few years, as insurance companies have shifted more of the payment burden to patients, price shopping has become the norm.

– That’s true even with full employment like we have now, because wages still haven’t caught up.

– Today, the deadly dental treadmill of high-volume, low-value dentistry is everywhere.

– But you know what? 

– That doesn’t have to be your practice.

– There are any number of practices out there that don’t market to low-value dental patients.

– They’ve set their sights higher, and they’re reaping the benefits.

– The cure for the dental treadmill is attracting better dental patients.

– Better patients can make up 30 percent or even more of your market.

– These are patients with the financial resources and the willingness to pay more for their dentist of choice.

– They don’t care much about price or about insurance coverage.

– They want what they want, from the dentist they want – things like cosmetic dentistry, implants, and full-mouth restorations.

– And they’ll pay, often up front, to get it.

– Just imagine your schedule filled with a comfortable number of interesting, higher-value cases.

– You can take more time with each patient and practice the dentistry you want to practice.

– You can stop running between operatories.

– You can even leave the office at a reasonable hour and enjoy some well-earned time away.

– Dr. James Kiehl of southern New Hampshire has found the key to getting better patients.

– He said, “Some of the advertising I’ve done in the past was more offer driven, free exam, X-ray kinds of things.

– “When you bring patients in that way, you’re chasing them with the next offer or they’re chasing you for the next offer, all the way down the line.

– “Since we’ve implemented our SmartBox Patient Attraction System, we’re definitely getting the quality patients that I want to see come into my practice.” 

– If you’re ready to work less, earn more, and enjoy life again, here’s the first step.

– Visit and reserve your no-cost, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™.

– We’ll create a strategic plan to get you off the dental treadmill and enjoying dentistry again.

– After the session, you’ll receive your free Patient Attraction Roadmap™ as well. 

– It’s yours to use however you wish – there’s no obligation.

– Treadmills are good for exercise but not so much as a way to make a living.

– Say goodbye to the treadmill for good with SmartBox.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.