Spreadsheet Accountability Is A Loser For Dentists

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 9

Your dental practice team aren’t robots, and expectations of performance without coaching, support, and accountability are futile. Beware the dreaded spreadsheet.

– Spreadsheet accountability is one of my favorite topics.

– Spreadsheet accountability is what so many consultants preach out there against.

– It goes like this. Doctor’s not happy with what staff is doing. So doctor hires consultant.

– Consultant comes in and creates a mathematical model and a spreadsheet of exactly what the staff needs to do to produce the results that the doctor and the practice want and need.

– Doctor takes spreadsheet and hands it to the staff and says, “Here. Go do this.” And they wonder why that doesn’t work.

– Spreadsheet accountability, spreadsheet driven businesses never work because we’re not dealing with cells on a spreadsheet.

– We’re dealing with people and we’re dealing with behavior that we have to change, right?

– If your staff knew what they need to do to drive the outcome you wanted, they’d be doing it.

– I promise you with 99.99% accuracy that your staff is not coming to the office every day and saying to their coworkers, “I hope I suck today and I don’t do anything that the doctor wants me to do. And that I don’t drive towards the goals that we have.”

– No, none of them are saying that, minus the 0.001% of truly bad apples that are out there.

– They’re coming to the office every day and they’re doing the best they think they can do.

– And if you hand them a spreadsheet and say, “You know Susie, you’re only selling two crowns right now. You actually need to be selling four. Go do this.”

– No, they’re not going to work.

– And this is why so many doctors that try to implement spreadsheet accountability, their staff revolts, they have a coup d’etat on their hands, and their staff leaves and the doctor’s frustrated and the staff’s frustrated and it doesn’t work.

– It never will work because that’s not the problem.

– The problem is not they know they need to be selling more crowns.

– The problem is much deeper.

– And you’ve got to get to that deeper problem to solve the issue that’s going on there.