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Patient Attraction Episode 1153

As a business owner, you’ve almost certainly had to dial in some aspects of running a dental practice. Things like front-end procedures, HIPAA compliance, and sterilization procedures are all part of the big picture. But there are other areas that probably haven’t come up on your radar that could also use expert attention. Most of those have to do with promoting your practice. When we come back, I’ll tell you about a suite of amazingly affordable new products from SmartBox that will help you get more new patients in your chairs.   

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox.

– SmartBox was founded on the idea of helping dentists get more and better patients.

– As with everything else, our approach has evolved as the internet and marketing practices have evolved.

– Within the last 16 months, we noted some areas where dentists were losing prospects.

– So the world-class talent at SmartBox put their thinking caps on and created a suite of very affordable products that we call our Practice Perfection™ Suite.

– Just as you had to streamline youmr practice’s operations, these new products will streamline several areas of attracting new patients.

– Let’s take them one at a time.

– Being seen online is vital, but few dental practices devote the resources needed to keep their search engine optimization up-to-date.

– Our Local360 Search Optimization is a done-for-you, ongoing optimization service to keep your listing visible in local search across all devices.

– We’ll manage your listings on Google, Bing, Apple Maps,, and many other places around the net.

– We’ll also get you listed in various directories, including dental-specific directories.

Local360 integrates seamlessly into your website.

– Once prospects see your listing, they’ll look at your reviews.

– Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising, and they’re trusted just as much as personal recommendations.

– Keeping your online reputation in sterling condition is vital to getting more new patients.

– Our RAVE™ Reputation Management System does just that.

– It automatically notifies your practice via email of a new review.

– 4- and 5-star reviews are automatically promoted to popular review sites, while lower reviews are parked.

– There’s also a “one-touch Respond” option so that your practice can maintain high engagement levels with the people you want to attract.

– Just as important, RAVE uses SMS messaging to solicit reviews from your patients following each appointment.

– When prospects decide to book an appointment, they’ll do 1 of 2 things.

– They’ll either book online, or they’ll call your practice.

– We’ve got both options covered.

– APOINT displays only the appointments you want to fill.

– Prospects choose the day and time that works best for them from the open slots.

– You’re notified via email of each new appointment.

– The result is an increase in your online appointment rate of between 35 and 70 percent, and much higher “show” rates!

APOINT absolutely will not slow down your practice management software.

– It’s also scalable for any size dental practice.

– Finally, prospects who call your office for an appointment should be appointed, but too many of them aren’t.

– Front office staff do their best, but few people are naturals at discovering the objection behind the objection.

– Even fewer are skilled at taking control of the call and asking for the appointment at exactly the right time.

– SmartBox’s Patient Attraction Phone Training and Certification program will turn your front office staff into a new patient-appointing powerhouse.

– Our proprietary training program is designed specifically to help dental office staff appoint more new patients.

– All of our Practice Perfection™ Suite offerings are available as a money-saving bundle, or individually.

– And as I mentioned, they’re amazingly affordable.

– Here’s to your practice getting many more new appointed patients with SmartBox’s Practice Perfection™ Suite.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.