Let The Downturns Happen To Other Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 1196

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I know thousands of dentists, and I practically grew up in a dental practice.

– I know the impact that slow times have on dentists’ incomes.

– And I know that most dentists don’t have a solid plan to deal with those low points.

– You don’t have to grin and bear it when your chairs are empty.

– I’m going to share 3 tips to help insulate your practice against downturns.

– And then I’m going to give you the best tip of all.

– Tip Number 1: Set up a series of public events throughout the year.

– The exact nature of the events that will work for you depends on your practice and your market.

– But here are some ideas.

– Educational lectures on various dental problems and solutions are always a good idea.

– By getting in front of the public, you become more than just another faceless dentist.

– You become a known quantity for prospects in your area.

– And if you present yourself as likeable, approachable, and expert, they’ll remember you.

– July and August are often slow months, so consider holding a lecture during one of those months.

– Tip Number 2: Expand your hygiene department’s availability.

– Cleanings and exams can be a steady source of income during slow times.

– Offering a half day on weekends or extended hours a couple evenings a week can bring in new business and even out your cash flow.

– And some of those opportunistic cleaning appointments can turn into ongoing patients.

– That means repeat appointments throughout the year.

– Tip Number 3: Take advantage of seasonal opportunities.

– New patient starts are usually slow in December.

– Consider running a special on teeth whitening to appeal to the pre-holiday party segment.

– Whitening patients can become regular patients.

– Those are all pretty good ideas for closing the gap during slumps.

– But there’s a better way.

– That better way is to get more and better patients.

– Let’s be clear – everybody deserves quality dental care.

– But better patients are better for the dental practice.

– Better patients aren’t motivated by dental insurance, low price, or specials.

– What those patients value is an ongoing relationship with a dentist they trust, like, and regard as the dental expert for them.

– And usually, once they choose that dentist, they’re fiercely loyal.

– When you have a much higher number of loyal patients who aren’t afraid of the cost of care, you don’t have to fear the slow times.

– That’s because your slow times will still be as high or higher than your good times before.

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– And you don’t need to concern yourself with the downtimes.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.