How Dentists Can Make Paid Media Pay Off

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 18

– I talk to a lot of dentists that say paid media doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. It’s not effective. I spent a lot of money, didn’t get any results from it.

– And I think the real story behind that is sometimes, truly, it doesn’t work in their market area. We’ve seen this before.

– There’s various factors that contribute to paid media being ineffective.

– 80% of the time that a doctor tells me, “Hey, the pay-per-click just doesn’t work for me.”

– It’s actually not that it doesn’t work in their market area, it’s that it’s been implemented poorly. Right?

– I mean, there’s all kinds of crowns that you can get in your mouth.

– You can have a $25.00 crown out of China, or you can have a $1,100.00 or $1,500.00 crown that’s made from the best materials and put on with the best practices and the right margins and all that good stuff.

– Well, they’re both crowns, right? But what’s the difference?

– Well, that’s the same thing in marketing.

– You can do pay-per-click and check the box or you can really make it effective and really understand who’s my target market, who’s going to respond here, who do I want to go after, what’s the message, what’s the call-to-action and make it work and that’s what all marketing is.

– It’s figuring out who’s the target market and what do they need to be motivated, to compel, to call my office and schedule that appointment?