How Dental Practices Reach Peak Potential

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 13

– I think the biggest thing any dentist who wants to rapidly, incrementally or exponentially increase their skills on answering, appointing, attending, acceptance, or average is first accept that they want to change something.

– If you don’t recognize that there’s an opportunity for a change, you can’t improve it.

– A great example is we all operate at what we think is our peak potential…

– Nobody comes to work and thinks, “Man, I really suck at this today. I’m doing an awful job, and I can’t improve it.”

– Very few people think that way. Because, we all think we’re doing the best we can or the right thing, until we’re shown otherwise, that there’s opportunity to increase.

– What I’m referring to is just recognizing that there’s an ability to improve upon where we’ve been before.

– Yeah, you can rapidly improve anything you want to improve, if you first recognize and accept that there is opportunity for improvement.