Focus On These Two Dental Growth Metrics

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 20

– So when I go into a practice and I ask a dentist, “What percentage of the calls that your front office staff gets are you converting to new patients?” I get a range of answers. 

– Maybe 30 or 40%, they need to improve. Maybe 60 to 80%, man, they’re doing great.

– Every now and then a doctor will say, “Every patient that can be converted, we convert,” right? 

– Well we know that’s not the case because always and never, never are true.

– What percentage should your practice be at is really a question for the doctor. 

– So we can show you the practices that we’ve benchmarked. We’ve benchmarked 8,000 practices in the United States. 

– General practices that are doing at least a million dollars a year. 

– We have 8,000 of those benchmarked. 

– So we can show you what percentage of calls should you be answering? What percentage of calls is average for a point? 

– What are the top 10% of practices appointing in the country? What are the bottom 10%?

– But ultimately, it’s not so much as what you should be doing as what do you think you need to make. Changes to grow your practice. 

– So we are more, it’s more or less a tool for us to highlight where are the biggest areas of improvement that you can focus on. 

– And then from there, working with that practice to help to tighten up those areas. 

– How do we answer more calls? How do we appoint more patients? 

– And ultimately, because out of those two things, we’re going to get more new patients appointed in the practice.