Don’t Get Tarnished By Bad Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 1217

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– There are roughly 120,000 practicing dentists in the United States.

– That’s enough to make a decent-size city, like Evansville, Indiana.

– It’s the third-largest city in the state that nobody’s ever heard of, but that’s not the point.

– If you look at the rate of crime, malpractice, and downright stupidity in a city of dentists, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

– Just recently, a dentist was convicted for illegally prescribing oxycodone and earned a 15-year prison sentence.

– Another dentist was charged with unprofessional conduct by a state board after the death of a 4-year-old to whom he had administered anesthesia.

– You could look at these as isolated incidents that really don’t have any impact outside the areas in which they occurred.

– You could do that, but you shouldn’t, because a lot of these reports go national.

– Other health professions can shrug off negative reports fairly easily.

– As of 2016, there were over 950,000 licensed physicians in the U.S.

– And even nurse practitioners outnumbered dentists by 2 to 1.

– With that many advanced professionals in one field, the effects of reports of misconduct are watered down.

– But among a smaller group of advanced-degree professionals, the impact of misconduct or criminal activity is larger.

– Dentists who give the profession a black eye poison the well for other dentists.

– That can lead prospects who are on the fence to delay treatment or avoid it altogether.

– But it’s not just the size of the group that matters.

– Dentists as a group aren’t held in the highest regard these days.

– In fact, they’re pretty much regarded as interchangeable.

– Dentists are widely considered to be competent.

– One dentist is as good as another as far as prospects are concerned.

– So there’s no reason to prefer one dentist over another except for price, availability, and insurance acceptance.

– Dentists who want to succeed face a twofold challenge.

– They have to stand out from the great mass of dentists, and they have to build trust with their prospects.

– There’s no better way to accomplish those goals than with SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System®.

– Just ask Dr. David Moffet, Consultant, and the originator of The Ultimate Patient Experience.

– He wrote, “Dentistry is all about people and relationships.

– “Colin Receveur and SmartBox know how to attract new patients to your dental office.

– “They are leaders in their field in dentistry.

– “In fact, they are rewriting the way new patient marketing needs to be done!”

– It’s almost impossible to establish trust by using the quick-hit, price-driven marketing that most dentists use.

– SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System® takes in the entire spectrum of marketing, both online and offline.

– We work to establish you as the relatable, likeable, trustworthy, and expert dentist.

– And every aspect of your marketing works together to make you the only logical choice to solve prospects’ dental problems.

– Dr. Moffet was right – we’re rewriting the way new patient marketing needs to be done for dentists on 3 continents.

– Discover what our Patient Attraction System® can do for your practice.

Visit and reserve your no-cost, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™.

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– We’ll show you how SmartBox provides a steady stream of new patients so you can focus on doing the dentistry.

– We’ll do that by helping you stand out above other dentists in your market and by building trust with your prospects.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.