Dentists’ Social Media Should Be Aimed At These Metrics

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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 14

– When we’re looking at growing a practice, there are five metrics that we can grow any practice with, the five As.

– Answer, Appoint, Attend, Accept, and Average.

-When we’re talking specifically about social media with those five things, which one of those five things is social media going to affect a change on?

– Which one of those five things is going to be able to increase?

– Answer. We’re not going to be able to answer more calls because your social media is great.

– Appoint. We may be able to appoint more patients because we’ll get inquiries or whatnot through social media.

– Attend. Probably not going to do any appointment reminders through Facebook, so we’re not going to see anything there.

– Accept and average, again, not going to see a whole lot of change there.

– The goal is to either get new patients to schedule more or get existing patients to schedule more.

– And within that parameter, social media can be effective at doing just that, either finding new patients or retaining existing patients and keeping them in the ecosystem, getting them rescheduled.