Dentistry on Wheels Is Bad News

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Dentistry on Wheels Is Bad News

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Patient Attraction Episode 1117

What’s one of the biggest reasons your prospects give for not wanting to book an appointment? Odds are good it’s that they can’t take enough time away from work, or that they have to drive too far. Somebody’s been listening, and that somebody has decided to take dentistry – and upscale dentistry at that – to the workplace. After the break, I’ll tell about the groundbreaking dentistry-on-wheels model that could spell trouble for your dental practice. Stay tuned.

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– I’m Colin Receveur.

– When you really don’t want to do something, almost any reason is good enough.

– And boy, is that true for people who need dental care.

– The list of excuses is incredibly long, and most of them aren’t very credible.

– But one reason that can be valid is that it’s hard to take that much time away from work.

– In October 2017, Harvard MBA Justin Joffe had the bright idea to provide dental services next to corporate offices.

– His company spent a year designing a tricked-out, luxury mobile dental clinic named HENRY The Dentist.

– And they hired some serious talent to staff it.

– The company works with corporate HR offices to schedule appearances at various New Jersey businesses.

– That lets time-pressed corporate employees get needed dental care right outside the front door, cutting travel time to practically nothing.

– There goes that excuse.

– Not only is HENRY convenient, but the clinic is appointed to meet the expectations of those corporate workers.

– According to the press release, each HENRY The Dentist clinic offers:

– Panoramic X-ray, massage dental chairs, Apple TVs with access to Netflix and HBO, and a team of world-class dental professionals.

– The company is aligned with most of the major dental insurance carriers, which is another incentive for workers to use its services.

– Obviously, this isn’t the setting to have oral surgery.

– But the variety of services offered is impressive: X-rays, exams, cleanings, fillings, nightguards, teeth whitening, and Invisalign, among others.

– Right now, the company is offering services in New Jersey with plans to expand to 3 HENRYs by 2018.

– Granted, this is pretty much concierge dentistry, and the concept won’t fly in a lot of markets.

– But if you’re in a larger market with a significant higher-income segment, HENRY could be your next competitor.

– There are any number of ways this model could go wrong, but it’s clear that Justin Joffe has done his homework.

– So if the concept proves out in corporate settings, it’s going to encourage imitators.

– The model appears to be scalable to different financial segments – just adjust the amenities and services offered.

– Those HENRY imitators won’t target highly paid corporate employees only but middle-income dental patients as well.

– There is a way to combat the HENRYs of the world before they ever arrive in your market.

– And that’s to position yourself as the best and only logical choice for your higher- and middle-income dental prospects.

– Those better prospects are far less motivated by price and insurance acceptance than they are by having a dentist they like and trust.

– And as a group, they’re extremely loyal to the dentist they choose to solve their dental problems.

– It’s not yet clear whether the HENRY model is going to do much to foster long-term relationships.

– It may fall prey to the same weakness that corporate dentistry has – patients usually can’t see the same dentist twice.

– That’s a weakness you can exploit.

– You should be getting better patients right now.

– If you’re not, it’s because you’re using the wrong marketing approach.

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