Why Your Dental Marketing “Puzzle” Doesn’t Make Sense

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Why Your Dental Marketing “Puzzle” Doesn’t Make Sense

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Patient Attraction Episode 1118

When you look for your dental practice online, are you feeling like “Dr. Invisible”? That happens to way too many dentists, and it’s usually due to drinking the search engine optimization Kool-Aid®. Optimizing your website is absolutely necessary for you to compete in the online arena, but it’s not enough – no matter what some SEO company might have told you. After the break, I’ll tell why those big bucks you spent to optimize your site aren’t returning enough new patients. And what it really takes to get more and better patients in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– SmartBox believes strongly in the power of search engine optimization.

– Every SmartBox dentist gets a brand-new, fully optimized website.

– And they get ongoing SEO to make sure that it continues to achieve a superior search engine results page ranking.

– But optimizing just the website is only part of the puzzle.

– And that’s what most dentists miss.

– Google is still the overwhelming power in online search.

– And Google’s algorithms have evolved to look at, and for, more than just a website.

– No one outside Google knows exactly what the web crawlers are looking for.

– But SmartBox’s extensive experience shows that having optimized content in online locations other than your website is vital.

– Google is looking at the sum total of your online presence.

– That includes your website, your blog, your online reviews, your photos, and even your social media.

– If those aren’t optimized for search, you lose.

– And when it comes to your online content, it’s not just the back-end SEO that’s crucial.

– Google strongly favors content that is fresh and/or updated.

– It’s looking for authoritative, expert content that provides the best answers to searchers’ questions.

– Most SEO providers don’t extend their efforts to optimizing that kind of content, much less producing and updating it.

– SmartBox does all of that, and more.

– Our dentists are free to get back to seeing patients and solving their dental problems.

– They get to do what they trained for and love to do.

– SmartBox takes care of every aspect of attracting more and better patients.

– You won’t get that from an SEO provider.

– No matter how good that SEO person or company might be, you’ll get less than you could get.

– And you may remain the Invisible Dentist online.

– Or, you can enjoy the same benefits as more than 550 SmartBox dentists on 3 continents.

– If you’re serious about growing your practice and succeeding on your own terms, here’s what you should do.

Visit smartboxdental.com and reserve your free Practice Discovery Session™.

– We’ll show you a Patient Attraction System™ that can double or even triple your practice.

– And you’ll receive your free, individualized Patient Attraction Roadmap™.

– You can have more patients, more profits, and more freedom because you’ll never be the Invisible Dentist again.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.