When You Have the Dental Insurance Blues

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Patient Attraction Episode 1101

Delta Dental is often seen as the 800-pound gorilla of the dental insurance industry. And if you’re like most dentists, you fall firmly in the category of having the dental insurance blues. As insurance reimbursements decline, and they are, more of the cost burden is shifted to patients. That means people defer care because they can’t afford it. But you don’t have to have the blues. Stay tuned. After the break, I’ll let you know how you can make dental insurance pretty much irrelevant to your success.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– For most dentists, dental insurance falls into the category of a necessary evil.

– There are a lot of patients who wouldn’t have work done without it.

– But there are also a lot of prospects who aren’t going to have work done because their share of the bill is too much.

– You can pretty much thank Delta Dental for shifting more of the cost to patients.

– Delta got the ball rolling when it came to cutting reimbursements to dental practices.

– And other insurers followed suit.

– The upshot of decreased reimbursements is twofold.

– As I mentioned, prospects defer care, and the ones who seek care are looking for the lowest price.

– If that’s you, you’re going to get even less than you would normally.

– So, given the current state of dental insurance, it’s certainly understandable if you have the dental insurance blues.

– Let’s change that.

– We’ll start with who you’re marketing to.

– For most dentists, that’s price shoppers, one-and-dones, and insurance-driven prospects.

– If you don’t target those low-value prospects, you’re probably thinking that I’m nuts.

– Maybe so, but let me ask you this: How do you market your practice?

– Are you emphasizing low price or quality of results?

– Note that I said emphasize – it’s generally a mix of the two.

– But which one dominates your advertising?

– Odds are that you’re pushing price points, specials, discounts, and insurance acceptance.

– So what you get are price shoppers, one-and-dones, and not enough insurance reimbursement.

– Don’t feel bad – that’s what most dentists do, because that’s what they see other

dentists do.

– But there’s a segment of almost every market, about 20 percent of prospects, that aren’t insuran ce or price driven.

– Let’s call them better patients.

– Better patients have the means and the willingness to pay more for a dentist they like, relate to, and trust.

– And they’re generally extremely loyal once they decide on the right dentist for them.

– Their lifetime value to your practice is many times that of a one-and-done.

– And you don’t have to devote part of your marketing budget to replacing them every month.

– Those are the patients you want and need to grow your practice, regardless of what dental insurance does.

– But you won’t get better patients if you keep chasing after low-value patients.

– Instead of monthly or quarterly advertising, you need a system that works 24/7.

– And what your system needs to do is to convince those prospects that you’re the right choice for them.

– Dr. James Kiehl looked at various dental marketing options and then became a SmartBox dentist.

– Why?

– Because SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ is helping more than 550 dentists on 3 continents get more and better patients.

– He told us,  “Since we’ve implemented our SmartBox Patient Attraction System, we’re definitely getting the quality patients that I want to see come into my practice.”

– If you’re serious about growing your practice, and you’re tired of singing the dental insurance blues, here’s what you should do.

– Visit smartboxdental.com and schedule your Practice Discovery Call™.

– We reserve these calls for serious dentists, the kind who want to see a Patient Attraction System™ that can double or even triple their practices.

– You can get more and better patients.

– And you can kiss the dental insurance blues goodbye.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.