Cialdini’s Principle of Authority for Dental Practices

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Cialdini’s Principle of Authority for Dental Practices

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Patient Attraction Episode 1111

You’re the dental authority, or at least your patients and prospects should look at you that way. But have you ever thought about what it means to be the dental authority? It may very well not be what you have in mind. And the distinction between being an authority and being an authority figure is crucial for dentists. After the break, I’ll continue exploring how dentists can use Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion to promote their practices. And how you can use your Authority to attract more patients to your practice, and keep them. Stay tuned.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– If you’ve looked up Dr. Cialdini’s work on the psychology of persuasion, you’ve seen that the order in which the principles are given tends to vary.

– It doesn’t really matter, because each Principle of Persuasion can operate independently.

– For instance, in the previous podcast I discussed the principle of Scarcity.

– The principles of Scarcity and Reciprocity, which I looked at in the first episode, don’t necessarily work together.

– For  example, if someone responds to a time-limited offer by purchasing something, they don’t feel obligated to do something extra in return.

– But let’s say you’re positioned as the best and only logical choice in your market to solve your prospects’ dental problems.

– That’s Scarcity.

– And when your practice makes an extra effort with a prospect’s appointment scheduling, that prospect will be more likely to reciprocate.

– Remaining loyal to your practice is how your prospect “repays” you.

– So, the principles can be used to reinforce each other, but they don’t automatically work that way in all cases.

– Today, I want to talk about how dentists can use the principle of Authority to promote their practices.

– The term “authority figure” doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.

– An authority figure is basically someone who has power over what other people do.

– And a dentist who tries to command or bully patients into procedures – or even flossing regularly – isn’t going to be in business long.

– A dentist doesn’t need to be an authority figure to his or her prospects.

– A dentist needs to be the trusted authority on solving patients’ dental problems.

– Why? Because dentistry is a trust-based business.

– Your patients are letting you put your hands – and sharp, hard instruments – into their mouths.

– They’re trusting that you won’t hurt them and that you’ll solve their dental problems.

– Think about it – would you let a dentist you didn’t trust perform an endodontic procedure on you?

– Of course not.

– Your objections would probably be based on technical competence, sterile technique, or something your prospects don’t often think about.

– But dental patients today view dentists as competent until proven otherwise.

– Relatively few of them are looking for the best hands in town.

– Your prospects are looking for the dentist they perceive as being the right choice to help them.

– And that includes being someone they can trust to take the best possible care of them.

– So, your Authority – capital A – comes from your prospects viewing you as the trusted dental expert for them.

– It doesn’t matter whether you wrote the book on a procedure.

– Hardly any of your patients would read it, and even fewer would understand it.

– It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an additional string of letters after DDS or DMD.

– Your prospects don’t understand the difference between DDS and DMD, much less which cosmetic dentistry academy you attended.

– What matters is that you’re seen to be the right dentist for them – likeable, relatable, trustworthy, and the expert, as they define it.

– Every piece of your marketing – your website, your social media, your blog, your online reviews – should work to position you as the trusted expert for your prospects.

– That’s how you claim and exercise your Authority as a dentist.

– That’s how you get to “yes” more often when presenting case solutions.

– And that’s how you get more patients who will remain loyal to your practice – not an endless stream of one-and-dones.

– You’ll spend less on marketing and enjoy much higher average case value.

– That’s what Dr. Matthew Burton of Clearwater, Florida, found when he became a SmartBox dentist.

– He told us, “The return on investment is a no-brainer for me when a lifetime value of a new patient at a dental office is thousands of dollars.

– “You get a few new patients per month that you were not getting before, then it pays for itself right there. Everything else is gravy.” 

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– In the meantime, enjoy your Authority, and be careful to use this power only for good.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.