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Patient Attraction Episode 1179

The end goal of all your dental marketing should be to put patient butts in your chairs. From what dozens of dentists have told me, getting more new patients isn’t a problem. In fact, they’re practically swimming in patients. The vast majority of those patients, though, don’t provide much value to the practice. Here’s a secret: Too many better patients – who represent far greater value – call dental practices but are never appointed. SmartBox is doing something about that, and I’ll tell you how to appoint many more better patients after the break.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– Every one of the thousands of dentists I’ve talked with swears that their front office does a great job appointing new patient callers.

– SmartBox has the hard data to show that’s not true.

– For an entire quarter, we recorded every single incoming call to all our dentists at a particular service level.

– Then we carefully analyzed those calls.

– The results were shocking.

– In many cases, fewer than 30 percent of callers were appointed.

– More calls went unanswered during business hours than were answered.

– Many callers who could have been appointed weren’t because of poor phone technique by the front office.

– Many calls were answered, but the callers hung up after being placed on hold for too long.

– Now, you’re probably thinking, “That doesn’t happen at my practice!”

– How would you know?

– You’re spending your very crowded and very rushed days in operatories, not hanging out in the front office.

– I’m not saying anything against your staff or anyone else’s.

– I’m sure they’re great people doing the best they can.

– But every new patient caller who isn’t appointed is a total waste of your marketing investment.

– Even worse, you’re losing out on the high case value of the better patients in your market.

– Those are patients who don’t much care about price, insurance, or discounts.

– They can and will pay more for the right dentist.

– They tend to be fiercely loyal to the dentist they choose, which means high lifetime value to your practice.

– And they’re slipping away over the phone.

– Like I said, we decided to do something about this problem, and our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ and Certification course was born.

– Our proprietary, self-paced, dental practice-specific training is light years ahead of generic customer service training.

– SmartBox’s online training program incorporates everything your staff needs to become new patient-appointing powerhouses.

– Dr. Travis Watson of Marietta, Georgia, is a big fan.

– He said, “We have had tremendous results from working with SmartBox and Colin.

– “It has been fun.

– “The relationships we’ve formed have been great.

– “The favorite things that have kept me excited is the fact that we can monitor the calls coming in, listen to the calls, and really help our front desk grow in terms of verbal skills.

– “Because it’s one thing to get the calls, but you’ve got to convert those calls.

– “That has helped me coach my team a little better.”

– You can stop losing better dental patients over the phone.

– Our Patient Attraction Phone Training & Certification™ is available as one of our amazingly affordable Practice Perfection™ Suite products.

– For more information, email us at [email protected] or call 502-509-1413.

– Better dental patients are out there in your market.

– Make sure that every last one is appointed when they call your practice.

– Better dental patients are the key to working less, earning more, and enjoying life again.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.