What Dentists Need To Do In 2020

You’re probably one of the many dentists who get deluged with offers for the latest “gee whiz” dental marketing object promising to get you more patients, make you the richest doctor in your market, and even clear up your nagging cough. 

Let’s be clear: some of those approaches can work, at least for a while, in some markets. But if those approaches worked all the time in every market or even most, everyone would be using them. And they’re not.

But there is one approach that can do everything listed above – maybe not clear up that cough – because it’s based on you and your team doing what you do now, but better. That puts you in charge of your own destiny rather than depending on a third party with an uneven track record.

Success Academy: Putting Control In YOUR Hands

SmartBox’s research shows that team-driven practices deliver superior patient experiences and care. When all team members are clear on and aligned in the vision and goals for the practice, your practice becomes a destination for the patients you want.

That’s the formula for lasting success and maximum growth. SmartBox’s Success Academy will help you implement it in your practice.

Our online, on-demand, video-driven curriculum covers every aspect of helping you and your team cohere as a focused unit to achieve remarkable practice growth. 

There’s only one way to reliably increase your practice revenue, and that’s to improve your performance on the 5 A’s – Answer, Appoint, Attend, Accept, and Average. Those are the metrics that directly impact your bottom line – not clicks, likes, shares, follows, or impressions. 

The 5 A’s work together to drive your profits. More calls answered equals more new patient opportunities. More patients appointed means more patients in your chairs. More appointments attended mean higher case acceptance. And higher case acceptance drives both your hygiene and restorative average case value.

Dr. Mitchel Friedman of New Jersey is “proof of concept,” so to speak. He said, “Our case size was $2,500 per new patient. Since SmartBox, it has quickly grown to now $5,400.”

What’s In YOUR New Patient Funnel?

You’ll always need to attract new patients to replace those who drop out or move away. But you don’t have to spend yourself broke to get the number – and quality – of new patients you need.

The traditional approach to getting more dental patients brings in a lot of price-shoppers, insurance-driven patients, and one-and dones with no loyalty to your practice. That leaves you spending hard-earned dollars every month to keep your schedule filled.

When you partner with a dedicated practice growth firm that positions you and your practice as the destination in your market, you don’t have to keep chasing patients based on low price. That’s what SmartBox did for Dr. Friedman, and we can do the same for your practice.

Moreover, you don’t have to ride herd on your marketing. Here’s what Dr. Kevin McMahon has to say about that. “I’m very happy with SmartBox. It actually puts my marketing on autopilot. That makes it a lot easier for me. It’s something I don’t have to worry about. I’m the owner of the practice here, so I’m managing a bunch of people. If I can take something off my plate like that, that I know is quality, is going to work, that I’m proud of, that makes a big difference for me, I can put that to the side and do other things I’ve got to do.”

Here’s a suggestion: schedule a Practice Growth Call with Ashley Best. You and she will take a deep dive into your practice growth goals, what’s working and not working in your current efforts, and what’s possible for your practice. Success Academy can certainly be part of that call. 

So, what do dentists need to do in 2020? Focus on doing dentistry and making more money than you might have dreamed possible.