Partnership Opportunities

Thank you for interest in partnering with SmartBox. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship. We are a patient attraction marketing company helping dentists thrive by delivering better patients to their practices. That’s all we do. Period. And we do it so well that we’ve been named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company several times!




Expand your reach to a worldwide network of dentists.

Partner with us.


SmartBox’s worldwide network.

SmartBox has worked with thousands of dentists around the world, and we maintain a strong prospect list. Accordingly, opportunities may exist for our companies to refer clients to each other.

We offer referral benefits on a three-tier system designed to reward our partners who most aggressively promote us. To make it simple – the more you help us grow – the more we’ll help you.



Benefits of partnership

We’re offering a true partnership, not another marketing come-on. When you enter into a partnership agreement with SmartBox, you benefit in many ways. And the more referrals to SmartBox, the greater your rewards!



  • Full-Page Ads

    Full-Page Ads

    Your own Full-Page Ads in our Patient Attraction Magazine

  • Podcast Appearances

    Podcast Appearances

    Appearances on SmartBox’s widely-viewed video Podcast

  • Monetary Commissions

    Monetary Commissions

    Monetary Commissions (Per Package Client Referral)

  • SmartBox Conference

    SmartBox Conference

    A Dedicated Speaker’s slot at next year’s SmartBox Conference

  • Joint Ventures

    Joint Ventures

    A Joint Venture Opportunity with SmartBox and Vertical Exclusivity for our partnership

  • Joint Sales Seminar

    Joint Sales Seminar

    A joint Sales Seminar with notice sent to our Prospects’ List

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