Google rolls out Behavorial Targetting for AdWords

Google has been rolling out its behavioral targeting with their AdWords system since 2009 and been testing it, deploying it in different markets and trying to figure out exactly how it works best and they have finally released it to the general public. What this allows you to do with your AdWords targeting is, we all know about cookies and their tracking mechanisms, Google’s behavioral targeting allows you to utilize all the data that Google has harvested to look at what sites they’re visiting, how recently, how frequently they’re visiting different sites. You can actually select different interest categories that a user has recently looked for and target them with your advertisements. So say you are a dentist that does veneers and you want to throw your advertisement up at people that have maybe searched in the past seven days for cosmetic dentistry, now Google can deliver those advertisements to you. As you can imagine that’s going to be an extremely relevant advertisement delivery system because you’re showing ads to people that, within that past couple of hours or days, have just searched for this topic. They see your advertisement when they search, they see it a couple of days later with this behavioral system. This is really going to yield some good results; I see Google going some serious places with this and doing some great things.